iFit Members Take The Grand Canyon Challenge

iFit Members Take The Grand Canyon Challenge | NordicTrack Blog

iFit® has a variety of challenges that any iFit member, at any level can take on. Ranging from Iberian Beginner Running Series in Portugal and Morocco with Tommy Rivers Puzey to advanced Runner’s World Half Marathon training program, there are a multitude of workouts that can be completed any time.

For iFit member, Stephanie Rangel, the Grand Canyon Hiking Series was a goal of hers to accomplish in just ONE DAY! Mind you, this challenge totals 15 workouts – each workout averaging around 25 minutes each. So, this is not an easy task by any means.

“Why did I decide to do this? It’s kind of funny. I had just finished for a second time, so I posted on the iFit Member Facebook page that one of these days, I was going to start early and do the entire series in one day—just like John Peel did when the series was filmed.”

Stephanie Rangel

Stephanie was shown so much support from other members in the iFit Community to follow through with her goal. Wayne Ramage, another active iFit member on the community page, suggested that Stephanie chooses a day and then puts it out there to the community. That way she remains dedicated and held accountable. 

“It was like he was telling me to put my money where my mouth is, holding me accountable, making me establish a definitive time, instead of sometime in my future,” Stephanie said.

For added support, Stephanie reached out to her good friend, Diane Hood, to do the series with her. She had previously “met” Diane through the iFit Community while she was struggling through Tommy Rivers Puzey’s Iberian Running Series for beginners. Diane, a seasoned runner, offered Stephanie the support and encouragement she needed during her struggles. A friendship blossomed through iFit, although they’ve never met in person. 

In the Grand Canyon Hiking Series with John Peel, Stephanie and Diane were to start off at the top of the South Rim, descending thousands of feet down the Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River. Then taking on steep inclines as the hike inclines up to the Bright Angel Trail.

Stephanie and Diane decided to share their experiences, as many do on the iFit Community page, and got so much encouragement and praise from other members. 

In sharing Stephanie and Diane’s experience with iFit, you can now see that you get so much more from being with iFit than having innovative, virtual workouts available to you – you build your health, confidence, all the while creating new friendships along the way.

For your next workout, why not challenge yourself to do the Grand Canyon Hiking Series like Stephanie and Diane and share your experience on the iFit Official Member Page. Comment below in the comment section and let us know how your workout went!

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