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Try These Ideas To Keep Your Spring Treadmill Training Fresh

Spring plays an important part in many people’s treadmill training schedule. Whether you are preparing for spring and summer races or getting in shape for swimsuit season, it is important that you keep your spring treadmill training fresh so you stick to your training schedule. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Develop A New Treadmill Training Schedule

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you may benefit from developing a new treadmill training schedule. We have beginner treadmill workouts available as well as others, which range in difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Sync Your Treadmill With iFit®

Treadmill training – NordicTrack

Treadmill training – NordicTrack

For access to high-energy, certified personal trainers during your workouts, iFit® Coach is an excellent tool. Most NordicTrack treadmills can sync with iFit®, either on your smart device or on the console touchscreen, which the majority of our treadmills come equipped with upon purchase.

Through iFit® Coach, you can have a virtual personal trainer accompany you on your runs, helping to motivate you through the easy and hard times during the run. Many people have found the positive energy our NordicTrack coaches provide to be very motivating – allowing runners to push themselves longer and harder than they thought possible.  As you follow your personal trainer on a run through real-world terrain from all over the world, your treadmill automatically adjusts to match their workout – raising and lowering the deck with elevation gain, while adjusting the speed automatically.

Implement A Cross-Training Schedule

iFit® Coach – NordicTrack

iFit® Coach – NordicTrack

Your treadmill training should have time built-in to allow for cross-training. Cross-training will allow you to strengthen muscles that contribute to increased strength, injury prevention, and cardiovascular endurance. Also, performing cross-training will allow you a short break from your treadmill without losing any of your built-up endurance and cardiovascular development.

There are many pre-programmed iFit® workouts created specifically for your treadmill that incorporate short bursts of cross-training mid run. But with a subscription to iFit®, you also have access to iFit® Coach’s personalized workout options. Based on your personal preferences, the iFit® program provides to you 3 new workouts each day ranging from bodyweight training, to yoga, to HIIT, and much more.

Pick One Day A Week To Run Outside

 iFit® wearable – NordicTrack

iFit® wearable – NordicTrack

If you find you are becoming a little stir-crazy while training indoors, pick one or two days a week on your training schedule to go run outside if weather permits, of course. The break from your treadmill can make it easier to come back and stick to your training schedule.

Leaving the security of your treadmill’s data tracking behind doesn’t have to cause disruption in your weekly numbers. An iFit® wearable is a great device to have on hand, especially as you hit the pavement for a long run. Track your distance, log your calories, and even monitor your sleep habits with an iFit® wearable.

Select New Media Specific For Your Treadmill Workouts

To help incentivize your treadmill training workouts, pick out some new media for you to enjoy only when you are working out on your treadmill. Whether it’s a new high-energy playlist, an enticing audio book, or the new season of your favorite TV show, you will be more eager to go do your treadmill training if you aren’t allowed to enjoy them anywhere but on the treadmill.

No matter your spring treadmill training regimine, NordicTrack has a treadmill or incline trainer to suit your needs. Be sure to look through our new 2018 treadmill offerings, and see if what you really need to keep your spring training fresh is a new treadmill from NordicTrack!