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Home Treadmill Training: How To Get A Full-Body Workout On Your Treadmill

Burn More Calories In Less Time With Treadmill Training​

Some people believe that they have to choose between a great treadmill workout or more full-body exercise, but that’s not the case. With a NordicTrack treadmill powering your fitness, you can pack in a great full-body workout!

Be Inventive With Your Treadmill Workout

Your treadmill is so much more than a machine you walk or run on. With the sturdy frame and large belt area of a NordicTrack treadmill, you can be incredibly inventive with your workouts.

Here are some exercises you may want to try during your next treadmill workout to engage your whole body. Make sure to always wear the safety key while using your treadmill.



Rather than facing forward on your treadmill, stand sideways with your speed around 1 MPH, walking sideways and crossing one foot in front of the other. This movement engages leg muscles that are often underutilized when running. Always hold onto the side rails while doing this exercise.



Walk Backwards

Bring more fitness emphasis on your glutes by walking backward on your treadmill. To increase difficulty and engage your core more, add some incline as you walk backwards. Be sure to hold onto the side rails while doing this exercise.




Facing away from the treadmill console, place your hands on the treadmill arms and raise your body up then lower into a dip. You can also simply do leg lifts if dips are a bit too difficult. The treadmill belt should be stopped while performing this exercise.



Walking Lunges

With your treadmill set at a low speed, move into walking lunges, making sure that your legs go into 90-degree angles and don’t overextend. To engage your core more, focus on keeping your core tight as you lunge while lightly holding the rails until you can balance safely – forcing your core to work more to stabilize you.



Follow A Full-Body Treadmill Class On iFit®

Rather than trying to build a full-body treadmill workout on your own, you can simply turn to the top-notch ones already available on iFit.


Not only are there full-body workouts available for off the treadmill, but by following along with one of the full-body treadmill workout studio classes that you can access on-demand, you can work your whole body while being coached by a world-class iFit personal trainer.


Also, by using a treadmill like the Commercial X22i with your iFit workouts, you can enjoy a more immersive experience thanks to the 22” touchscreen console, massive incline range, and excellent cushioning.

Add Weights To Your Workouts

If you are interested in working your upper body more during your treadmill workout, you can easily add weights. Suddenly, a treadmill walking workout can become a compound exercise as you do military presses, arm raises, biceps and triceps curls, and other great exercises.


You can incorporate weights easily into your workouts when you use the Speedweight Adjustable Dumbbells. Just the right height and able to be conveniently tucked into either side of your treadmill, you can grab these weights and slowly build up your strength as you adjust the weight to your preference.


So, if you are looking to add a more full-body emphasis to your next treadmill workout, try implementing some of our suggestions and see how much your overall fitness improves!


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