Mum’s the Word: Healthy Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show your Mom just how much you appreciate her. And what better way to do that than by treating her to a delicious and nutritious homemade brunch? 

That’s why we’re sharing some healthy Mother’s Day brunch ideas for you to try that will make her feel special and loved!

7 Delicious and Healthy Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

If you’re asking yourself, “What should I make for Mother’s Day brunch?” Don’t sweat it. These 7 healthy brunch recipes have you covered!

Not only are they delicious and good for you, they’re also super easy to make, and they’re something the whole family can enjoy.

Make any one of these recipes, and you’ll show your Mom just how much you care:

1. Balsamic Sunnyside Toast

Save the plain ol’ eggs for another day and treat your Mom to a special but easy-to-make breakfast with this Balsamic Sunnyside Toast recipe.

The fresh veggies, parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinegar take the nutrition and flavor of this dish up a notch, but there’s really not much more work since you’re just layering everything on top of toast.

If you can cook a sunnyside-up egg, the rest is easy, and your Mom will love and appreciate that you elevated a classic dish in her honor.

Once you’ve mastered the sunny side-up egg, you can also try this Breakfast Scramble Salad or this Paleo Pulled Pork Breakfast Skillet for two more unique ways to use sunny side-up eggs. If your Mom prefers scrambled eggs, try our Keto Scrambled Eggs instead!

2. Paleo Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh banana bread baking in the morning?

It’s got that comforting scent that draws you right into the kitchen and makes it easy to take a big inhale and exhale as it’s cooking.

For most of us, Mom is usually the one making the banana bread, so why not flip the script and make a batch of these Paleo Banana Bread bars for her instead?

She can enjoy them slowly with her coffee or tea as she opens your gifts or throughout the day as a delicious pick-me-up snack – they’re great any time, day or night!

This next healthy brunch recipe also strikes the perfect balance of treating Mom to a special treat while still being a better-for-you option.

3. Baked Blueberry Donuts

Instead of running out and buying Mom store-bought donuts for Mother’s Day, try making these Baked Blueberry Donuts!

Not only are they about 100 calories less than a traditional blueberry donut, they’re also baked instead of fried, and the recipe uses whole wheat flour for its base—which is packed with vitamins and minerals—and fresh blueberries, which ups the fiber and nutrition content of these delicious donuts.

That’s why they’re a slightly healthier option than your average blueberry donut, and, thankfully, they don’t sacrifice flavor, so Mom can still enjoy a nice treat on her special day!

4. Breakfast Smoothies

Smoothies are a fantastic and easy way to show your love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. 

Whether you go for a classic berry blend or get creative with exotic fruits and superfood add-ins, there’s no wrong way to whip up a nourishing and delicious smoothie that Mom will love.

For two easy and delicious recipes, try this Vegan Berry CardaMom smoothie or our Vegan Orange Ginger smoothie recipes. Either one will be a hit with Mom!

5. Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle

If Mom loves waffles (who doesn’t, right?!), then she’ll fall head over heels for this Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle.

The sweet potato strikes the right balance between sweet and savory, and they crisp up nicely, making for a crunchy edge with an oh-so-soft center. The perfect waffle, in our opinion!

6. Peanut Butter Protein Granola

With crunchy clusters of oats and a generous helping of yummy peanut butter, Peanut Butter Protein Granola is the perfect combination of indulgent and wholesome. 

Plus, with 6 grams of protein, thanks to adding your favorite protein powder, this healthy brunch recipe will keep Mom energized and satisfied all day long!

If you want to take Mom on a culinary adventure, whip up a batch of homemade Muesli! Inspired by our iFIT workouts in Switzerland, like trainer Tommy Rivs Puzey’s Switzerland KOM Series, this popular Swiss brunch is toasty, nutty, chewy, satisfying, and versatile.

The Bottom Line

Treating your Mom to a healthy and delicious brunch on Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show her how much you care. 

And, thankfully, as you just saw, there are plenty of tasty and nutritious options to choose from. 

So, don’t be afraid to get creative and put your culinary skills to the test. 

Your Mom will appreciate the effort you put in, and you’ll both enjoy a meal that’s good for your bodies and your taste buds!

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