NordicTrack Father Setting A Healthy Example For His Son Using Fitness

NordicTrack Father Setting A Healthy Example For His Son Using Fitness | NordicTrack Blog

Setting a healthy and positive example for the next generation is ever so important. Giving children the right lessons and tools are essential for their success later in life. One of our NordicTrack fathers, Jay Hagan, recognizes this importance and is doing what he can to set a healthy example for his son using fitness as a foundation. In doing so, Jay uses his X22i treadmill as a training tool for himself but also to prove by his actions for his young son––showing him what hard work and consistency can lead to.

We want to shine some light on this amazing father and give him an opportunity to share his own knowledge with us as he builds up his son from a young boy to a man.

Father Setting An Example – NordicTrack Blog

“As a father, my actions and my words must be unified. My intent for him must be clear. Above all, my actions must inspire him.

Aside from developing him as a young man of high character, building his mental resiliency and toughness are a priority for me. I can’t teach him resiliency, but I can create challenges that force him to be resilient in the moment to be successful. 

Through the years he has stood on finishing podiums at races with me, raising our arms together in victory. He has crossed ultramarathon finish lines, running down the finishing shoot to cheering spectators. He is given small responsibilities as part of my crew at the Leadville Trail 100® Run & Tahoe 200. He crossed both of those lines with  me. Ken Choulber, Leadville icon and creator of the Leadville race events raised his arm and told him someday he too can finish the race. 

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It is important that he sees me persevere through very tough moments and never quit. He needs to see me battle through pain and fatigue. All of these memories are created by action and that will be enduring. 

Our incline trainer has allowed me to do more training from home. More importantly, it allows my son to see me put in the work in real-time. 

He is inspired. He has a vision of what daily effort, commitment, and determination looks like. He is now exploring his own physical and mental limitations, learning the value of temporary discomfort, hopefully realizing he is limitless if he can just get out of his own way and stay the course. 

Thank you NordicTrack for providing such a wonderful training tool in the form of our X22i. For us, it’s far more than just a treadmill. It’s helping [to develop] the next generation.”

Jay Hagan

Thank you, Jay, for allowing us to be a part of your efforts in supporting your son. We truly feel honored and know that you inspire us all to aid in setting a good example for our own little ones as well. 

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