10 Accessories To Improve Your Treadmill Experience

Instead of just hopping on your treadmill and hitting start, have you considered the many ways you can incorporate more equipment into your treadmill workout to make the experience more enjoyable and beneficial? We’re about to open your eyes to 10 excellent accessories you could be adding to your home gym for better use of your time and efforts.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

When you are looking to make the most of your treadmill workouts, a wireless chest strap heart rate monitor is a great way to accomplish this goal. It will give you the most accurate measurement of your heart rate and give you a more focused calorie burn as it helps measure your exertion more precisely.

Chest straps like the iFit® chest strap are flexible and adjustable. NordicTrack provides an iFit® chest strap with the purchase of their treadmills because they know how valuable a chest strap monitor is for reaching your fitness goals. But in case you went with another treadmill brand, this is definitely something you want to purchase. Just make sure you have a smart device capable of connecting to your chest strap like a phone/app combo or a fitness watch.

Under Treadmill Mat

A good treadmill mat under your treadmill can help in several ways. The mat can help muffle the sounds from your treadmill use. It also prevents your treadmill from potentially bouncing or marking your floor.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Using headphones or earbuds can help you to zone in on your treadmill workout. Ditch the cord tethered to your phone. How many times have you gotten mixed up in that cord and sent your device flying through the air? Totally detach from your cell phone or tablet by using bluetooth earbuds. The cord stays behind your neck and out of your way. If earbuds aren’t a good fit for you, try over-the-ear bluetooth headphones.

iFit® Membership

By signing up for an iFit® membership, you can elevate your treadmill workouts to the next level. With iFit®, you have access to dozens of recorded treadmill workouts. Take an easy walk through the park or run to the tops of the highest peaks in southern Utah. Many of these workouts also incorporate moderate strength training, interesting facts about the workout, and helpful coaching tips. You can access iFit® directly from your NordicTrack treadmill’s built-in tablet or a secondary device like your phone or iPad.

An Excellent Water Bottle

A simple water bottle can make all the difference during a heated treadmill workout. Find the type of water bottle you like and use it! There are dozens of variations: squeeze, flip top, canister, etc.  If you’re training for long outdoor runs, try treadmill training with a camelbak backpack or water bottle belt.

Treadmill Maintenance Kit

A treadmill workout kit can be an important part of keeping your treadmill in smooth working order – making for much more reliable equipment. The NordicTrack kit has a guide, storage case, treadmill belt lubricant packets, a lubricant applicator stick, a durable cleaning cloth, a treadmill belt cleaner, and replacement safety keys.

Workout Towel

A sweat-wicking towel can help keep any sweat under control during a treadmill workout. There are few things as uncomfortable as salty sweat making its way into your eyes. A good towel can make your workouts much more comfortable.

iFit® Wearable Device

iFit® is a great addition to your workout routine, no matter what type of equipment you’re using. When you’re on your treadmill and already wearing your chest strap monitor, you’re all set to track real time data for that specific workout. But what happens when you step off the treadmill? Should your data tracking stop? No way! When you wear a device like the Vue, you can track every workout for the day – strength training, different forms of cardio, the number of steps you’ve taken during the day, and more. It prompts you to get up and move when you’ve been stationary too long. The Vue even includes an alarm feature for a gentle rise and shine in the morning. Enjoy your treadmill workouts that are much more by tieing all of your daily movement data together with one device.

Wearable Weights

Mix up your treadmill routine by adding more weight to your body. Ankle weights, wrist weights, and weighted vests are all great tools for increasing strength and adding to your cardiovascular efforts. Wearables with adjustable weights are a great way to start as adding too much added weight right away can cause injury.

Adjustable Treadmill Dumbbells

NordicTrack offers adjustable dumbbells with stands, which can be tucked into either side of your treadmill for easy access to the weights. You can set these weights from 2.5 lbs to 12.5 pounds and ramp up the difficulty of any treadmill workout.

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