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Hydration Before, During, and After Your Treadmill Workout

Posted on 2016-05-06

Not all hydration practices are the same. Preparing for a run requires different fluid amounts compared to working at a desk all day. Our team at NordicTrack has pulled together a few good tips to keep in mind while hydrating for you daily run. Before Your Run According to Runner’s World, it is beneficial to drink water or other low-calorie fluids steadily throughout the day to the point where your urine runs clear. (read more)

5 Stretching Exercises All Runners Should Know

Posted on 2016-05-03

Whether you’re a short or long distance runner, properly stretching before and after exercise makes all the difference in your performance, ability to avoid running injuries, and post-workout stiffness. Sure, you may do a quick forward fold at the hips and pull one heel at a time to the glutes for a quad stretch but you may be missing out on these awesome stretches every runner should know. Stretching the IT Band and Opening the Hips Double Pigeon Sit on a folded blanket. (read more)

Top Superfoods for Runners

Posted on 2016-04-27

Most runners will say that what they decide to eat while training can be just as important as the training itself. Making proper food choices is an essential component of any type of athletic training. Recent studies have shown that certain foods that have a wider range of nutrients, called “superfoods,” can aid in faster muscle recovery, contain anti-inflammatory properties, and help improve strength. Many who hear the word superfood think of exotic ingredients only found in remote locations around the world. (read more)

Diversify Your Workout with the FreeStride Trainer

Posted on 2016-03-30

Not only does diversifying your workout keep you interested and motivated, it also has important physical benefits. The body naturally adapts to repetitive movement, so it may seem like your workout is getting easier, when you are actually just adapting. Your exercise needs diversification so that you don’t end up in the comfort zone. Working out as many muscles as possible provides more holistic results and can help reduce risk of injury and fatigue during other physical activities. (read more)

Nutrition - Oil: Coconut vs Olive

Posted on 2016-03-22

If you’re cooking for health (and who isn’t these days?), you’ve probably read a great deal about extra-virgin olive oil for cooking healthy over the years. More recently, though, you may have heard of coconut oil for adding nutritional value to food and cooking light and healthy. But, how do the two really compare when cooking for full flavor and for health? Nutritional Breakdowns of Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Before moving forward, it’s a good idea to breakdown the basic nutritional components of each oil. (read more)

Injury Prevention for Runners

Posted on 2016-03-18

Injury prevention for runners is a key to keep on pace with training and for general exercise purposes. One injury can take you out of the game for a long time and destroy the endurance and strength you’ve worked so hard to build. To help prevent running-related injuries, we interviewed several top running bloggers to get their perspectives and experiences on minimizing risk through cadence, footwear, and foot-strike mechanics. (read more)