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Smart Fitness Like No Other According To Forbes®

Smart Fitness Like No Other According To Forbes | NordicTrack Blog

NordicTrack exercise equipment enabled with its next-level virtual training program, iFit®, seems to have made a great impression at Forbes® once again! In a recent article written by Forbes® senior contributor, Larry Olmstead, titled his piece “Smarter Fitness: The Best Home Workout Machines Come With Real Trainers.”

In his review, he explains NordicTrack to be “…a venerable maker of high quality home fitness equipment,” with “…one of the longest track records in the business.” 

Fitness iFit Review – NordicTrack Blog

Changing The World Of Fitness With NordicTrack And iFit

NordicTrack has been working hard for decades to bring top-quality fitness equipment to your home for a more convenient and more affordable workout. As an innovative addition to quality machines, our smart fitness platform iFit is truly changing the way we experience exercise. This smarter approach to fitness makes it easy to get a really good workout at home.

iFit gives easier access to real, professional, personal training for a fraction of the cost you’d expect at your local gym. With a massive library of workouts to choose from, there is “…something to entertain and motivate every kind of person at home”. 

When it comes to smart fitness, Forbes® writer, Lerry Olmstead, has this to say: 

“ I can remember using their original flagship product, the indoor cross-country ski machine, to workout in college, and that was a long time ago. NordicTrack began with its iconic Nordic ski trainer in 1975, also invented the incline trainer, a sort of treadmill on uphill steroids, and has not stopped innovating since.”

“The array of workout choices is staggering, but so is the array of machines. No competitor has a product line this broad, and unlike other companies offering online classes that specialize in one or two types of workouts, NordicTrack makes everything, and one iFit subscription covers them all: treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, incline trainers, and even the groundbreaking Fusion CST.”

Larry’s review of NordicTrack products and the iFit program concludes with astounding praise surrounding the quality of our products in conjunction with affordable pricing – making many of NordicTrack’s products the “best bang for your buck” in your home fitness space.

If you’ve used a lot of different fitness equipment over the years like Larry and have yet to find a machine with smart fitness technology that you like, then look no further. NordicTrack is your last stop shop for all of your fitness and entertainment needs.  

Fitness NordicTrack Review – NordicTrack Blog

Finding The Right NordicTrack Machine For You

When it comes to finding the right machine for yourself, the process may be overwhelming because of the variety of equipment options. So, you must consider your budget, your fitness goals, then check your available space within your home. 

For further advice about what to look for and what is available, check back on the NordicTrack Blog regularly. Stay up-to-date on the latest fitness trends, equipment features, iFit workouts and meals, and explore smart fitness like no other!

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