Next-Generation Fitness: Latest Technology Trends in Treadmills

Has over-reliance on technology made you lazy and overweight? However, using the same technology can make you fit and healthy. Treadmills are no longer “Dreadmills”. They now come with plenty of exciting features to provide you with a complete and captivating fitness experience.
The first major innovation to the consumer treadmill was in the form of a treadmill desk in 1996. It offered the potential to cut-back on health care costs and obesity by reducing sedentariness in the workplace. Modern treadmills have come a long way since then.
Let me take you through the latest technology trends in Treadmills:

Incline and Decline Training Capabilities

Incline/Decline Training replicates the actual slopes of a natural terrain. The Incline is akin to uphill training, which has been shown to improve physiological parameters relevant to running performance. It increases heart rate response and muscle recruitment; allowing you to burn more calories. Moreover, it targets your hips, quads and glutes, while lowering the impact on your knees and ankles.
Decline training replicates downhill walking and running, which are “eccentric” exercises that engage your leg muscles differently. This tones your lower body to give you an attractive, athletic look. Additionally, it prepares you for the downhill segment of your next race, so you can grab that gold medal.
The combined use of Incline and Decline provides integrated uphill-downhill training, which has been proven to be significantly effective in improving maximum running velocity at 35 meters.

Web-Enabled Touch Display

The Web-Enabled Touch Display lets you conveniently view your workout stats, and play HD videos of your favorite training programs. You can adjust your speed and elevation at just the touch of a button, helping you maintain focus on your workout.
Internet access enables you to browse your favorite websites while training. You can stay connected through social media to get the feeling of an interactive group workout. Plus, you can share your fitness milestones with your friends to garner social support for your health goals.


The tablet-holder brings your favorite movies and inspirational music to your workout, providing both entertainment and motivation. The rationale is simple: the longer you remain engaged, the more you train, and the extra calories you burn.


You can enjoy your favorite shows, sports, and movies while burning away calories. A HD TV right on your treadmill invites you to a marriage of entertainment and fitness.

Heart Rate Monitor

People often wear a HR (heart rate) monitor to ensure that they are exercising at a particular level of difficulty – for instance, at 75% or at 85% of their maximum heart rate.
Research has shown that an index based on exercise HR, and running speed may serve as a practical tool for daily monitoring of your training adaptation. The modern treadmill comes equipped with a built-in HR sensor that provides a quick and accurate reading. A wireless Bluetooth Smart chest strap sends a continuous reading to the display so you can stay in your targeted HR zone.

Impact Reducing Running Surface

Reflex Cushioning or Precision Calibration Cushioning absorbs the impact of your rigorous training better than road running. This protects your joints and back, enabling you to train longer, harder, and with fewer injuries.
Besides, you can change the level of firmness according to your preference. Choose a superior impact reduction for a more comfortable experience or select a stable road-like surface to mimic an outdoor run.

Plenty of Apps

When there are apps in your smart TV, smart phone and laptop, then why not in your treadmill? Modern treadmills come with built-in apps that contain workouts designed by certified personal trainers. You can choose your workout based upon calorie-burning, intensity, slope, and speed to get the training you want! Internet apps multiply the fun, and provide options such as racing a friend online.


iFit is an interactive fitness app that revolutionizes the way you train. With iFit-enabled treadmills, you can take your training anywhere in the world with Google Maps; viewing the world’s most inspiring locations in high definition. Your mapped-out course is displayed on your console through Google Street View, so you can run the streets of Paris or hike the trails of the Grand Canyon. Your custom workouts automatically load on your treadmill and the Incline and Decline adjust accordingly to recreate the topography of the desired trail for a more authentic experience.
Research has shown that combining cognitive and physical demands in an engaging activity can lead to sustained play and allow for personalized training according to your physical abilities. Additionally, it might be an effective way to promote physical and cognitive improvements among older adults.
Furthermore, another study observed that working out with an interactive system led to better training effects, more intensive workout, and higher motivation.
There’s no reason for you to bear a body you don’t like for the rest of your life. You deserve much better. Technology is not the culprit, our inefficient use of it is. Modern treadmills allow you to explore fitness in its entirety. It’s not just about running in the same place anymore.
So go ahead and experience next-generation fitness. Check out these treadmills packed with the latest technology.