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Check Out These Incredible Fusion CST Trainers On iFit

Many people know and love our NordicTrack treadmills and the training available on them, but not everyone is as well-informed when it comes to the amazing trainers you can train with on the Fusion CST. If you want to work with incredible, world-class personal trainers then you want to check out the trainers recruited to make the Fusion CST iFit® training programs if you haven’t met them already.   

Work With These Trainers On The Fusion CST

There are eight different trainers on the Fusion CST. They come from a variety of backgrounds and all have extensive personal training experience.

Chris Clark

Gideon Akande – NordicTrack

Gideon Akande – NordicTrack

ACSM certified along with a bachelor’s degree in biomechanics, Chris Clark has spent almost 35 years as a personal trainer. His specialty is challenging workouts that focus on endurance and strength.

Gideon Akande

A fitness and wellness coach who is NASM certified, Gideon Akande neglects no part of the body in his workouts. He keeps workouts positive with his motivational energy and challenges Fusion CST users to work every part of the body.

Hannah Eden

Coach and trainer at her fitness boutique PumpFit Club, Hannah Eden loves to craft a great HIIT workout. Her workouts will be packed with fun, but will also emphasize the importance of strong technique and form.

John Peel

Personal trainer to celebrities and IFA certified, John Peel has been sharing his knowledge and energy with people for over 15 years. A workout with him will always include a high heart rate, supersets, and strengthen your core muscles.

Tanya Poppett

Idalis Velazquez – NordicTrack

Idalis Velazquez – NordicTrack

From Wollongong, Australia, Tanya Poppett is a professional fitness instructor. Her specialty is high-energy HIIT workouts that will up your heart rate and pack in a high-calorie burn.

Emily Paskins

Certified in multiple personal training techniques as well as having a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Science, Emily Paskins is an incredibly qualified trainer. She specializes in aerobic workouts.

Michael Vazquez

Starting out as a father who just wanted to set a good example for his son, Michael Vazquez quickly found his passion in not only working out, but leading others to live healthier and stronger lives. He specialized in HIIT workouts that focus on speed and strength.

Idalis Velazquez

NASM certified and mother of two, Idalis Velazquez excels at creating fat-burning exercise. Expect to perform full body workouts with her while she leads her fat-busting training sessions on the Fusion CST.

NordicTrack Only Works With Professional Trainers

As you can see from the descriptions above, the Fusion CST trainers are both dedicated and experienced. On top of that, they are all professional personal trainers that are highly respected in the fitness realm. As NordicTrack is the number one name in fitness equipment, we have chosen to only work with the best-qualified trainers out there.

So, unlike other fitness equipment manufacturers who claim their programs are made by professional personal trainers, NordicTrack is willing to not only bring in the best talent, but we are willing to show you the proof.

Build A World-Class Body With The Fusion CST Trainers

If you want to build the best body possible, then you want to work with the trainers on the Fusion CST. You will work your entire body using the Fusion CST, so you can become strong and toned all over. If you buy now, you will have a free one-year membership with our iFit® trainers as well as free shipping!