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How to gift a treadmill without offending someone

Posted on 2015-12-03

Giving exercise equipment to someone can be a bit tricky.

It’s one of those things that people often buy for themselves, isn’t it? Let’s face it, there are precious few holidays or celebrations where exercise equipment is a welcomed gift. It’s almost like giving an appliance to your wife for Christmas.

But it doesn’t have to be!

There are several ways to give someone a treadmill without offending them. Of course, if they are already fitness buffs, giving exercise equipment as a gift is equivalent to buying a kid their favorite candy. But for the people who could use a little exercise in their lives, giving them something to workout with might be considered an insult. There are a few ways to give this item as a gift without offending the recipient. Follow these tips for the most ginger approaches to giving a treadmill as a gift:

Refer to a conversation you had in the past

Doing this will bring to mind a moment when the person you are giving the treadmill to confided in you. This recollection can immediately take away any thoughts of judgment and replace them with appreciation.

Give it on a whim instead of on a holiday

While at first it might seem like the timing isn’t that important, it is. Likewise, everyone responds differently to gestures. But nothing changes the fact that gift giving is all about thoughtfulness. If the holidays, which are full of celebrations, rich foods, and excessive eating, are a time when the recipient beats themselves up about not working out, giving them a gift like this could upset them, no matter how innocent your intentions were. Giving a treadmill close to the time when the two of you talked about it is ideal. The conversation is in their memory, they probably still feel like they want to try a new regimen, and you will seem conscientious as opposed to judgmental.

A gift and a pact: set up workout dates

Give the treadmill and buy yourself some free weights. Tell them you need to recommit to your fitness regimen or you want to increase your strength or whatever fitness goal applies and schedule workout dates. Tell them you need to be held accountable and maybe they can help. Then commit to it. Go over to their house and work out with them so they can see you struggle and sweat alongside them. Working out alone can be a pretty lonely idea in the beginning. Help them through that phase. If a competition goal works for their personality type, do it!

Tell them how much you care

When you buy gifts you are doing so with the best of intentions. You aren’t spending money on a treadmill with the intent to make the recipient angry, sad, or self-conscious. So let them know how you feel. If the person you are shopping for has found their health impacted by their extra pounds or has expressed concerns themselves, let them know that it concerns you. Share your interest in fitness with them. Suggest approaching fitness together as a team. The idea of partnering may ignite an interest in them as well. Showing the person that you care is the message that you are trying to get across. While the approach must be well thought-out, you can give a treadmill to someone without offending them. It will be as rewarding for you to watch them get fit and change their lives as it will be for them to live the process. Don’t be nervous; just go for it!