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NordicTrack: A2350 Pro Treadmill Review

A2350 Pro Treadmill

A2350 Pro Treadmill

Experience the freedom of road running, while getting the best in customized and goal-specific fitness with the NordicTrack A2350 Pro Treadmill. With a treadbelt that's 20 inches wide the A2350 Pro Treadmill gives you more room to walk, jog or run your way to better health. And, with a built-in Fitness Age Center, you can calculate and track your actual fitness age, allowing you to watch the years drop off as you increase your fitness level. The A2350 is also iFit® Compatible giving you the most powerful workout programming available. You get updated daily workouts, workouts from Jillian Michaels plus the ability to create a simulated course anywhere in the world powered by Google Maps. Other features available on the A2350 Pro Treadmill include a Universal iPod® Dock, 10 built-in Weight Loss Workouts, a 325 lb. weight capacity and a lifetime motor and frame warranty.


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