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NordicTrack: Get Fit with Jillian Michaels Review

Get Fit with Jillian Michaels

Get Fit with Jillian Michaels

Do you want a healthier, more active lifestyle? Enjoy greater mobility and better health with this 8-week program, designed to help you get fit and stay active.

    Easy as 1-2-3 to use.
  • 1- Insert the iFit® Get Fit with Jillian Michaels workout card into the card reader.
  • 2- Listen as I coach you through your workout.
  • 3- iFit® automatically adjusts your equipment’s speed, intensity or incline.
Choose your workout. Choose your equipment. Choose your level. Let’s get started!

  *Jillian Michaels iFit® cards are only compatible with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes and Incline Trainers that have iFit® SD card slots. The FreeMotion S5.6 and S5.8 are not compatible with Jillian Michaels ifit® cards.


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