Upper Body Workouts On A Treadmill

Running is an effective all-around workout, but it is important to also strengthen your upper body. Sometimes when you get into your running routine, you forget about toning your arms. Try implementing the following tips to work your upper body on the treadmill.

Incline Push-ups

After you’ve finished warming up with a small run, pause your treadmill and step off the belt, stepping to the sides of your treadmill. Place your hands close together on your treadmill’s handlebar and while keeping your feet flat on the sides, bring your chest all the way to the handlebar. Repeat this exercise until you can feel your arms burning, and then do 10 more. When done consistently, these incline pushups can help a great deal in toning your arms.

Tricep Dips

Your triceps are the biggest muscles on your arms making up about 2/3 of your arm muscle, so if you want to change the shape of your arms then you need to work your triceps. A simple and very effective way of working your triceps is by doing tricep dips. You can do this by standing on the belt of your treadmill while it’s paused or off, facing normally, reach slightly behind you, and grip the handlebars. Shift your weight to your heels and bend your arms so that your triceps are carrying your weight, push back up, returning to your starting position. Repeat this exercise after about 20 reps depending on your strength.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are highly effective at working your triceps and chest. Turn off your treadmill and while on the belt, get onto your hands and feet. Make sure that your shoulders are over your wrist and that your arms are straight. Then, while your right leg is straight, bring your left leg to your chest, and then alternate your legs as quickly as you can. For an added workout, while alternating your legs, use enough force so that you make the belt of your treadmill move as well.

Plank to Pike

This last exercise is a little bit tricky, but once you’ve figured it out, you’ll find that it’s great at working your shoulders, triceps, chest, and your latissimus dorsi. Set your treadmill to a pace of 0.5 then face the rear of your treadmill, and put your hands on each side of the treadmill. Put your feet at the front of the treadmill in the plank position, the belt will do a lot of the work for you by bringing you from the plank to the pike position. Once in the pike position, shoot your feet behind you back into the plank position. Repeat this exercise for about a minute, you’ll find that as you become stronger, you’ll be able to do this exercise longer.


If you’re looking for other ideas about how to get the most out of your treadmill check out these sites to learn how to squeeze in a quick workout, or learn how to hill train using your treadmill’s incline. You can even learn about mistakes you may be making on your treadmill and how to stop them. Your treadmill is a tool that can be used for way more than just running; it just takes a little bit of research and practice to find new ways to utilize your treadmill.