When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home Treadmill

Having lifetime warranties on integral components, NordicTrack treadmills can last for decades. But eventually, all treadmills need an upgrade at some point. What might be some key indicators that your treadmill is ready for replacing?

Examine How Your Treadmill Is Functioning

One of the first, most obvious ways to tell whether or not your treadmill needs replacing is how it performs when in use. Some key things to look for are:

  • Treadmill responsiveness – The circuitry on treadmill consoles can become damaged over time, especially if they haven’t been treated carefully. Check to see how long it takes your current treadmill to respond to speed, incline, and other inputted commands.

    Treadmill upgrade – NordicTrack

    Treadmill upgrade – NordicTrack

  • Sounds during use – An easy indicator of treadmill trouble is unexpected sounds. Treadmills in good working order sound steady and have no sharp or thumping sounds. You may want to run the treadmill without standing on it if you think you’re hearing a problematic thumping sound.
  • Overall treadmill functionality – Other functionality issues you may run into with a treadmill in need of upgrading are uncontrolled speed or incline changes, a skipping belt, display screen blanking, and other indicators which show treadmill functionality issues.

Also, something to consider when repairing an older treadmill is the availability of treadmill replacement parts. Some treadmill manufacturers do not produce replacement parts much beyond that year’s production of the treadmill model. So, if you are counting on replacement parts to keep an older treadmill alive, it may not be enough.

Consider Your Current Home Treadmill Needs

Sometimes we choose to buy a treadmill that meets our current needs, but cannot grow with us as health and fitness continue to improve with regular treadmill use. This is often the case when people buy cheap treadmills, as these treadmills come with the most basic features. When considering what you need from a treadmill, try asking yourself:

  • Do you need a treadmill with a large incline range for hill training and fast calorie burning?
  • Does your current treadmill fit well into your home or do you need a more compact treadmill?
  • What entertainment features would you like on a treadmill in the future?
  • Do you need greater cushioning or control over your treadmill cushioning?
  • How many people are now using your treadmill?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself as you consider what you may need from a new treadmill.

Look At Your New Treadmill Budget

Many people hang onto old or malfunctioning treadmills due to a financial barrier which keeps them from attempting to buy a new treadmill. For some, their budget may only allow them to buy a cheap treadmill for under $500.

We do not recommend either course of action. Treadmill injuries generally occur when the treadmills are being improperly used or are malfunctioning. So, repeatedly using an old or malfunctioning treadmill is basically an accident waiting to happen. Trying to go the cheap treadmill route can lead you to buy a low-quality treadmill which won’t last longer than six months at best.

Instead, if finances are tight but you still want a quality treadmill that will meet all your needs, then NordicTrack financing can help you buy the NordicTrack treadmill you want. You don’t have to put any money down – it can put even the most expensive NordicTrack treadmills in reach of any budget.

We hope that our insights help you as you consider whether you are in need of a treadmill upgrade, and NordicTrack is there to help you when you’re ready.