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Embrace The Sweat - Training In High Intensity Situations

Posted on 2017-06-26

Everyone sweats. Some try to avoid it while others embrace it. Some even actively induce it by training in high-intensity situations. While sweat’s relationship with body odor and awkwardly wet clothing may be overemphasized, not everyone is fully aware of the great benefits sweat brings to our wellness. The Basics The body sweats from two different glands: eccrine and apocrine. Sweat comes pouring out of eccrine glands when our body temperature rises. (read more)

Calculating Your Optimal Racing Weight

Posted on 2017-05-30

The lighter you are, the faster you run. It makes sense because the lighter you are, the less weight you have to carry around, making it easier for you to increase your speed. While there are other factors at play when it comes to making one runner faster than others, body weight certainly plays a greater role than most. When running, your body has to overcome the force of gravity to lift you off the ground and move you forward. (read more)

Get Ready For Summer With NordicTrack

Posted on 2017-05-22

Summer is coming! Are you ready? Getting ready for summer can be a lot of fun – warm sun, good friends, stylish seasonal clothing and fun activities outside. Getting your body ready for summer can be a bit tougher, as you struggle to melt away the last few pounds of winter weight and beef up those muscles again. Fortunately, NordicTrack has a few hints on how you can get ready for summer. (read more)

NordicTrack Invites You To Participate In 'Bike to Work Week'

Posted on 2017-05-11

Taking measures to improve your health starts with making a small change. During May, you have a chance to try out a change that gives you key health benefits while also helping you get to work. During Bike to Work Week, you can take advantage of the event to start working on your fitness goals before the start of the summer months. The Impact of Biking on Your Health The primary reason to start biking and take advantage of Bike to Work Week is the opportunity to improve your well-being and health through biking. (read more)

Give Mothers The Gifts Of Health And Happiness This Mother's Day

Posted on 2017-05-08

Are you uncertain what to give your mother – and the rest of the mothers in your life – for Mother’s Day this year? Try giving the most cherished and valuable gifts to that special woman in your life this year: health and happiness. Mothers breathe life into the world, and they do so much to make life easier and more beautiful. Moms care for their families every day of the year, performing herculean tasks to make sure every member of the family has what they need to succeed. (read more)

Family Treadmill Training - How To Get The Whole Family Involved

Posted on 2017-04-24

Families—kids and adults alike—need exercise for physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Exercise helps us tackle mental challenges like that big math test your oldest child needs to ace on Friday and emotional matters like sensitive issues you and your partner are currently working through. The benefits of exercise make the effort worth it: • Strengthen muscles and bones • Develop a leaner body • Decrease the likelihood of obesity (read more)

NordicTrack's Frequently Asked Questions: Mattress

Posted on 2017-04-20

Do you have any unanswered questions when it comes to purchasing a NordicTrack mattress? To make your purchasing experience easier, we have compiled a list of our customer’s most frequently asked questions: Payment Q: What payment options do you offer? A: You can purchase your NordicTrack mattress in-full with your debit or credit card. We also offer 18 months special financing with NordicTrack Finance. See terms. Q: Do you have any discounts? (read more)

Common Running Injuries And How To Avoid Them On Your Treadmill

Posted on 2017-04-17

The popularity of treadmills has grown for several reasons. A treadmill allows you to run at full speed in the comfort of a gym or your own home without having to deal with the elements. When you are running on a treadmill, you don’t have to worry about other runners, if you have enough daylight, icy roads, ​car traffic, or the occasional creepy person causing you any problems. For many people who exercise, a treadmill provides the perfect way to fit in their daily run, burn a good amount of calories, and keep their bodies moving and healthy. (read more)

Different Breathing Techniques For Different Physical Activities

Posted on 2017-04-03

All humans breathe. But do we do it well? Since breathing is normally a subconscious activity, many people are not aware of the many different breathing techniques available for the proving. However, breathing is an important fundamental tool for any runner or athlete. Here are 8 different techniques to add to your arsenal. If you’re reading this article right now, you have probably already mastered Eupnea. Eupnea is simply normal, good, unlabored breathing. (read more)

Adaptations Of Athletic Performance With Age - Infographic

Posted on 2017-03-14

Adaptations Of Athletic Performance With Age - Infographic We’re all aging, even if we don’t notice until our late 20’s as our knees start to ache and our waistlines expand. It can be disappointing when you reach your mid 30s and realize that speed doesn’t come so readily and sports injuries seem to happen from the smallest of accidents. Don’t fret though, friends. Thanks to technology and tons of expensive research, staying fit into our golden years and beyond isn’t something left up to chance anymore. (read more)

Where The American Public & Nutritionists Disagree On Food Health

Posted on 2017-03-01

Food fads and hard science don’t always line up. Is quinoa really a superfood? How reliable is the term superfood anyway? How about butter, that’s the worst, right? It’s easy to make assumptions about the nutritional value of food based on marketing, trends, and public opinion, but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate. According to a New York Times study that compared the perceptions held by the public and those of nutritional sciences, we’ve got a lot to learn. (read more)

Overstriding: How Experts See The Problem But Don't Know How To Fix It

Posted on 2017-02-24

The simple theory is that reaching your foot too far forward – from your center of mass (COM) – while running creates an inefficient gait and a possibly injuring impact. You may have heard of or even had shin splints or lower-extremity stress fractures before. They’re not pretty. The Physics of A Runner’s Stride We know that these running injuries have to do with some relation between an individual’s center of mass and their stride, but since everybody is different, and the way we carry our bodies differs, it has been difficult to nail down. (read more)

What It Takes To Make 10,000 Steps Really Count

Posted on 2017-02-23

Some of us call it a good day if we walk to the refrigerator. Some of us call it a good day if we run a quarter marathon. We are all at different levels, and exercise ought to be a personal experience. One thing we can all agree on is that for many Americans, our lives are too sedentary. As the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise pointed out in a landmark research project, Americans are miles behind many other countries when it comes to walking. (read more)

A Beginner's Guide to Meal Planning: Tips for Success

Posted on 2017-02-06

It’s 6PM. You’ve just gotten home from work after a hectic day, and you’re hungry. The last thing you feel like doing is cooking, and you’re not even sure you’ve got enough ingredients on-hand to create a meal from scratch. You resign to calling your go-to takeout restaurant instead of cooking at home for yet another night, willing yourself to eat better tomorrow. Sound familiar? If you’re tired of wasting your money on eating out and take-out food—and if you’re serious about preparing more nutritious meals in the comfort of your own kitchen, it’s time to get started with meal planning. (read more)

Implementing a Treadmill for Home Rehabilitation

Posted on 2017-01-30

You’ve suffered a setback of some kind. It could be physical injury, or perhaps it’s sickness-related. No matter what the ailment, rehabilitation is tough. There’s a lot of work to do, and often times you have to visit a specialist to do it. That’s exactly why you might want to consider getting a treadmill for home rehabilitation. Fact is that if you have a piece of exercise equipment in your home, you’re 73 percent more likely to exercise, and a treadmill has versatility that can help you build cardiovascular health at a variety of intensities. (read more)

The Psychology of Motivation

Posted on 2017-01-27

Sustaining the motivation to work out more consistently and become more fit takes time. In one study, individuals who were trying to make positive life changes averaged 66 days of purposeful repetition before the habit became automatic. While this can be intimidating, science also says that developing certain “keystone” habits make others fall into place. In The Power of Habit, the author observes that people who improve their workout consistency also automatically made other positive life changes, including eating better and becoming more productive at work. (read more)

The Most Aggressive Winter Fitness Routine You've Never Tried

Posted on 2016-11-14

Winter is coming. And with it comes the choice to hibernate inside with the TV and blankets or to get outside and experience the joys of your winter wonderland. The latter comes with lots of calorie burning and unique fitness opportunities that make the choice a little easier. Here are 7 winter sports that will get you going and keep your body healthy during those short winter days and long winter nights. (read more)

8 Ideas to Help Your Child Eat Healthy Foods

Posted on 2016-11-04

Encouraging children to develop healthy habits begins with their eating habits. When you start encouraging healthy eating habits and proper nutrition at a young age, your children naturally develop a preference for healthy food choices. As a parent, you want to make a balanced diet a part of your lifestyle. By taking steps to improve the dietary habits of your entire family and focusing on getting your children to eat healthier food choices, you limit the risks related to nutrient deficiencies and poor diet. (read more)

Tracking Your Health Goals For The Holiday Season

Posted on 2016-10-15

It’s that time of the year once again where tradition and celebration meet. No matter what holiday you’ll be celebrating, there’s a very good chance you’re going to be doing some feasting and relaxing. It’s easy to forget about your health goals in the name of a merry time, but here are some things to keep in mind to keep you on track: Be Conscious Of Your Intake It’s almost tradition to get carried away when you sit down for a holiday feast; your family didn’t slave away in the kitchen all day for you to not get a second or third helping, right? (read more)

Everything You Need To Know About Body Fat Percentage

Posted on 2016-10-07

Everyone has body fat. You have it and your neighbor has it. It can have a huge impact on our health, so it’s important to understand what it is, why we need some of it, and how to get rid of the rest of it. Here are 7 things you need to know about body fat: 1. Here are the basics about fat. When we hop on the scale, the scale shows us our body weight. (read more)

Plank Your Way to Fitness

Posted on 2016-10-03

If your introduction to planking exercise was through humorous internet videos and images of people planking in strange or exotic destinations, you may be selling the benefits of these exercises short. Plank exercises are a powerful way to improve your fitness and stamina. In this plank workout for beginners, we are going to explore the benefits and the basics of plank exercises and some variations. We’ll discuss how often and how long you should plank along with common mistakes to avoid. (read more)

Runners Academy: The Do's and Don'ts of Running

Posted on 2016-09-26

Everybody knows running is good for you. It gets your heart pumping, makes your brain and body feel euphoric, strengthens your joints and core, and you can do it almost anywhere! That doesn’t stop a lot of people from making excuses not to do it; however, a little knowledge can be a great motivator. Here are five do’s and five don’ts to get you in the know and get you moving: (read more)

Bedtime Routines That Will Improve Your Health

Posted on 2016-09-23

According to the National Sleep Foundation, poor quality sleep is strongly associated with poor health. In fact, as many as 67 percent of people who report that their sleep quality is low also report that their health is suffering. Although diminished quality of sleep is sometimes associated with factors out of your control, such as working the night shift or caring for a newborn baby, it is often the result of poor decision-making at bedtime. (read more)

Healthy Tips for Back to School

Posted on 2016-09-09

It’s time for the kids to go back to school. While this can be a little sad, it also means a little more time for you! But first, you have to get the kiddos back into a routine, so your family schedule can go smoothly. With an effective routine, you can help your family be healthier and focus on your own health and well-being during your well-deserved personal time. Here are some tips to help you take full advantage of back-to-school time: (read more)

Hydration Before, During, and After Your Treadmill Workout

Posted on 2016-05-06

Not all hydration practices are the same. Preparing for a run requires different fluid amounts compared to working at a desk all day. Our team at NordicTrack has pulled together a few good tips to keep in mind while hydrating for you daily run. Before Your Run According to Runner’s World, it is beneficial to drink water or other low-calorie fluids steadily throughout the day to the point where your urine runs clear. (read more)

5 Stretching Exercises All Runners Should Know

Posted on 2016-05-03

Whether you’re a short or long distance runner, properly stretching before and after exercise makes all the difference in your performance, ability to avoid running injuries, and post-workout stiffness. Sure, you may do a quick forward fold at the hips and pull one heel at a time to the glutes for a quad stretch but you may be missing out on these awesome stretches every runner should know. Stretching the IT Band and Opening the Hips Double Pigeon Sit on a folded blanket. (read more)

Injury Prevention for Runners

Posted on 2016-03-18

Injury prevention for runners is a key to keep on pace with training and for general exercise purposes. One injury can take you out of the game for a long time and destroy the endurance and strength you’ve worked so hard to build. To help prevent running-related injuries, we interviewed several top running bloggers to get their perspectives and experiences on minimizing risk through cadence, footwear, and foot-strike mechanics. (read more)

Heart Rates To Aim For On Your Treadmill

Posted on 2016-03-08

It’s easy to get on a treadmill, put in your 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, and not really think about whether your workout is intense enough to get you to your fitness goals. Here is where the value of measuring your heart rate comes into play. Using your age, desired outcome, and current physical condition, you can determine what heart rate zone is best for you. 1. Figure out your resting heart rate Your resting heart rate is determined by the number of times your heart beats every second. (read more)

Nutrition: White Vs. Brown Rice

Posted on 2016-03-03

Rice is rice, right? Wrong. Just like other foods within the food pyramid, there are a number of nutritional differences between white rice and brown rice. Nutritional Breakdown To begin to understand the differences between brown rice and white rice, it’s important to learn about the nutrition facts of both. The table below illustrates the nutritional value highlights of both brown and white rice. 1 Cup Serving Brown Rice (long-grain, cooked) White Rice (long-grain, regular, cooked) Calories 216 205 Manganese 1. (read more)

How to Track your Eating

Posted on 2016-02-25

Weight loss is a process that requires careful management of your dietary habits as well as regular exercise. While it seems simple in theory, counting calories and tracking the foods you eat with a calorie calculator is often more complicated and annoying than you might think when starting a weight loss plan. Fortunately, tools and options are available that make it easy to track your caloric intake without wasting time writing in a journal, using a calculator to tally up your total, or following a complicated and stressfully strict diet plan. (read more)

10-Minute Workout Ideas

Posted on 2016-01-26

Americans have less free time than ever between long working hours and other obligations. Unfortunately, exercise time is often the first thing to go when life gets busy. We all have experienced the urge to hit the snooze button or to go straight home rather than heading to the gym. Even sticking to a routing in the comfort of a home gym can be a challenge. To get the most benefit to your physical health, squeeze in exercises whenever you have a few minutes to kill. (read more)

Sitting is Death. Movement is Life.

Posted on 2015-12-02

"Life boils down to one thing; it’s movement. To live is to keep moving." Though he’s a comedian, Jerry Seinfeld could not have made a more serious point. Movement is life. Sitting is death. More and more studies reveal that stagnant sitting is dangerous to health-maybe just as bad as smoking. In 2011, researcher Alpha Patel observed that men who sat for more than six hours a day had a 20 percent higher death rate than those who sat for three hours or less. (read more)

Top Running Bloggers Feedback On The Impact Of Food On Running

Posted on 2015-11-18

We caught up with four running bloggers: Erika Howder, Jennifer Boudreau, Jason Saltmarsh and Beth Risdon to discuss good pre-race health. Having the perfect pre-race health means something a little bit different for each blogger. But, the overall idea is to take precautions to keep your body healthy and strong. That means eating right, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and keeping a positive attitude. Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy supply of carbs, proteins, "good" fats, whole grains and veggies are the key to energetic training and racing success. (read more)

How the Food Industry Is Sneaking Sugar Into Your Food

Posted on 2015-09-29

Humans love sugar. Since the dawn of man we’ve been drawn to sugary foods as a simple form of energy, evolving to convert it to fat for times when food was scarce. A whole industry has risen up around sugar. We crave it. We’re literally addicted to sugar. The presence of sugar alone isn’t bad for you. It occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, dairy, some grains, and other unprocessed foods. (read more)