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Elliptical Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on 2017-06-22

Using an NordicTrack elliptical machine is one of the best things you can do for your health – as long as you use it correctly. It is especially easy to make mistakes when exercising at home, without a coach or trainer to watch for poor form or other mistakes. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can help you get the most out of your elliptical from NordicTrack. Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Elliptical Machine 1. (read more)

Night Time Safety Tips For Outdoor Runners

Posted on 2017-06-19

Whether it’s due to timing or temperatures, sometimes it is necessary to run at night. So, if you need a short break from your treadmill, keep these night time running tips in mind before you head out: 1. Wear Reflective Gear It may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to have your reflective gear on and ready to go before you leave to run. While neon tank tops and shorts are eye-catching during the day, the colors dull in the dim light of night. (read more)

5 Motivating And Calorie-Burning Workouts For Your Treadmill

Posted on 2017-06-15

Lots of people use treadmills. Some people use them better than others. Try out these five workouts and be a person who uses the treadmill better. Keep in mind, the best pace for you may vary. Workout #1: Six/Sevens These first three workouts come from Greg McMillan, National Champion of the USATF Masters Trail Marathon, and advisor of over 500 marathoners. 90 seconds at 4.5 mph with 6 percent incline (read more)

6 Gift Ideas For Dad This Father's Day

Posted on 2017-06-12

They’re our protectors. They’re the epitome of what a strong force should be. They’re the providers of our young. They’re our fathers! Father’s Day is an underestimated holiday. As well as mothers, dads also play a large role of importance to the growth of our next generation. For daughters, fathers are their first example of what a man should be as well as their first adoration. For sons, fathers are idols and give aspiration. (read more)

This Is Your 'Freedom Workout' For Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on 2017-05-25

We believe in being the best, healthiest version of yourself, but also have the freedom to indulge in your favorite BBQ feast this Memorial Day weekend. So, let’s start it off with an energizing, calorie blasting, head to toe, total body workout. 30 minutes of an efficient workout built to target your cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and muscular systems. Better yet, get everyone involved! Because together is better. Round 1 1 minute - Jumping Jacks (read more)

Get Ready For Summer With NordicTrack

Posted on 2017-05-22

Summer is coming! Are you ready? Getting ready for summer can be a lot of fun – warm sun, good friends, stylish seasonal clothing and fun activities outside. Getting your body ready for summer can be a bit tougher, as you struggle to melt away the last few pounds of winter weight and beef up those muscles again. Fortunately, NordicTrack has a few hints on how you can get ready for summer. (read more)

Making the Leap to an Ultramarathon: Advice from Top Ultramarathon Bloggers - Part 3

Posted on 2017-05-19

Are you preparing to make the leap to an ultramarathon? Throughout this interview series, top ultra bloggers have shared their personal experiences and advice to help you accomplish your first ultramarathon. They have covered the most difficult aspects of running an ultra, debunked the common myths and misconceptions, and are now sharing their real, personal accounts of their first ultra. When asked “what do you wish you had known before running your first ultra? (read more)

Making the Leap to an Ultramarathon: Advice from Top Ultramarathon Bloggers - Part 2

Posted on 2017-05-17

Are you considering running an ultramarathon? We’ve interviewed several of the top ultra distance running bloggers to collect real and applicable advice to help you accomplish your first ultra. No matter which distance you’re making the leap from, these experts have shared gems of knowledge that can help you cross the ultra finish line. In the first part of the series, the bloggers discussed what they felt was the most challenging aspect of preparing for or running your first ultramarathon. (read more)

Making the Leap to an Ultramarathon: Advice from Top Ultramarathon Bloggers - Part 1

Posted on 2017-05-15

Have you been considering running an ultramarathon? We’ve been working with a number of long distance runners to compile real world advice when it comes to accomplishing your first ultra. The knowledge they’ve shared with us has been separated into 3 distinct parts of an interview series. Within this first part, the bloggers offer their thoughts and experience on what they felt was the most challenging aspect of preparing for or running an ultra. (read more)

NordicTrack Invites You To Participate In 'Bike to Work Week'

Posted on 2017-05-11

Taking measures to improve your health starts with making a small change. During May, you have a chance to try out a change that gives you key health benefits while also helping you get to work. During Bike to Work Week, you can take advantage of the event to start working on your fitness goals before the start of the summer months. The Impact of Biking on Your Health The primary reason to start biking and take advantage of Bike to Work Week is the opportunity to improve your well-being and health through biking. (read more)

Treadmill Training For A Sculpted Rear End

Posted on 2017-05-01

Running on a treadmill is a great way for you to not only do a cardio workout, but also tone your lower body, sculpt your butt, and blast away calories. Treadmills come with a range of exercise modes and settings to help you workout different sets of muscles. For a firmer, lifted bum, you need to target the glutes or gluteus muscles, which make up the most of your butt. (read more)

When You Don't Have The Time To Train, Focus On HIIT

Posted on 2017-04-27

We’re all pretty busy and looking for time efficient ways to stay healthy and active. Between career, education, and family demands, there isn’t a lot of time to spend an hour or more working out every day. If you’re concerned about physical conditioning and endurance, but short on time, high intensity interval training could be just what you’re looking for. Why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)? High intensity interval training, known as HIIT, consists of short bursts of intense effort followed by a recovery period. (read more)

Family Treadmill Training - How To Get The Whole Family Involved

Posted on 2017-04-24

Families—kids and adults alike—need exercise for physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Exercise helps us tackle mental challenges like that big math test your oldest child needs to ace on Friday and emotional matters like sensitive issues you and your partner are currently working through. The benefits of exercise make the effort worth it: • Strengthen muscles and bones • Develop a leaner body • Decrease the likelihood of obesity (read more)

Running With Your Dog - How To Keep Your Best Friend Healthy And Happy

Posted on 2017-04-10

Dogs need exercise too. And, just like many of their owners, many dogs are overweight: over 50 percent of dogs are overweight or obese. So, taking your dog running with you can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, it’s hard to skip an exercise session when the pooch is ready to go - leash in mouth - waiting at the door. Here are a few things to consider before diving in or before giving up too soon: (read more)

Different Breathing Techniques For Different Physical Activities

Posted on 2017-04-03

All humans breathe. But do we do it well? Since breathing is normally a subconscious activity, many people are not aware of the many different breathing techniques available for the proving. However, breathing is an important fundamental tool for any runner or athlete. Here are 8 different techniques to add to your arsenal. If you’re reading this article right now, you have probably already mastered Eupnea. Eupnea is simply normal, good, unlabored breathing. (read more)

Fairweather Runner No More! Here Is Your New Winter Treadmill Running Regimen

Posted on 2017-03-30

It’s not always sunny, it’s not always warm. The roads aren’t always free of snow or puddles and sometimes the wind gives you a lot more resistance than you were hoping for. From the professional or competitive athlete to the casual jogger, training in any weather can serve as either a friend or a foe. There are runners that ignore the weather and run whenever they can — rain or shine, sleet or snow. (read more)

Using Plyometrics For Better Race Day Performance

Posted on 2017-03-27

In the 1970’s Olympics Fred Wilt observed the Soviet exercise practices, and he found that they were jumping—a lot. He was witnessing the practice of programs developed by Russian scientist Yuri Verhoshansky. Wilt believed this practice of rapid-fire jumping led to Russia’s success in many running events that year. Later, Wilt teamed up with Russian trainer Michael Yessis to further develop and promote the practice, which he coined as “plyometrics” (more + measurement). (read more)

Upping Your Running Game With Periodization

Posted on 2017-03-20

Periodization sounds complicated - it’s not. It’s really just a fancy word for dividing up a training program. Periodization is the well respected and amply tested practice of dividing exercise training into phases. It developed as a response to Hans Seyle’s research which showed too much exercise at the wrong times leads to distress and complete exhaustion. He noticed that staggering exercise periods could keep the body safe while still pushing the limits. (read more)

Adaptations Of Athletic Performance With Age - Infographic

Posted on 2017-03-14

Adaptations Of Athletic Performance With Age - Infographic We’re all aging, even if we don’t notice until our late 20’s as our knees start to ache and our waistlines expand. It can be disappointing when you reach your mid 30s and realize that speed doesn’t come so readily and sports injuries seem to happen from the smallest of accidents. Don’t fret though, friends. Thanks to technology and tons of expensive research, staying fit into our golden years and beyond isn’t something left up to chance anymore. (read more)

Overstriding: How Experts See The Problem But Don't Know How To Fix It

Posted on 2017-02-24

The simple theory is that reaching your foot too far forward – from your center of mass (COM) – while running creates an inefficient gait and a possibly injuring impact. You may have heard of or even had shin splints or lower-extremity stress fractures before. They’re not pretty. The Physics of A Runner’s Stride We know that these running injuries have to do with some relation between an individual’s center of mass and their stride, but since everybody is different, and the way we carry our bodies differs, it has been difficult to nail down. (read more)

What It Takes To Make 10,000 Steps Really Count

Posted on 2017-02-23

Some of us call it a good day if we walk to the refrigerator. Some of us call it a good day if we run a quarter marathon. We are all at different levels, and exercise ought to be a personal experience. One thing we can all agree on is that for many Americans, our lives are too sedentary. As the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise pointed out in a landmark research project, Americans are miles behind many other countries when it comes to walking. (read more)

5 Reasons To Bring a Partner on Cardio Day

Posted on 2016-11-21

Cardio day. You don’t want to go, and after a few miles, you really want to stop. And yet, there are so many benefits to a strong cardio program. So, how do you make sure that you end up going day in and day out and put one foot in front of the other on your path to glory? Get yourself a workout partner. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should: (read more)

The Most Aggressive Winter Fitness Routine You've Never Tried

Posted on 2016-11-14

Winter is coming. And with it comes the choice to hibernate inside with the TV and blankets or to get outside and experience the joys of your winter wonderland. The latter comes with lots of calorie burning and unique fitness opportunities that make the choice a little easier. Here are 7 winter sports that will get you going and keep your body healthy during those short winter days and long winter nights. (read more)

How To Fuel Your Training At The Optimal Heart Rate

Posted on 2016-11-11

The heart is the core of the body, and it provides us with great information on how our body is doing while we exercise. It’s important to know how to calculate your optimal heart rate zones, understand the meaning of those zones, and also how to leverage that information in training to meet specific fitness goals. Calculating Your Reserve Heart Rate So You Can Determine Your Optimal Heart Rate Zones Our heart rate range can be broken into several zones. (read more)

How Biking Can Make You Run Faster

Posted on 2016-11-07

Improving your performance when you run does not necessarily mean spending more time on the road or on the treadmill. Riding a bike or using a stationary bike helps you run faster by working on your muscles in a different way. When you combine running and biking during your training routine, you will notice positive changes in the speed of your runs. Reduced Risk of Injury A key complication with any running routine is the risk of injury during your recovery. (read more)

10 Reasons to Start Working Out Today

Posted on 2016-10-14

We all know that exercise helps toward the goals of keeping your body fit and losing or maintaining weight. But the benefits of exercise go far beyond weight management and physical fitness. Having a regular exercise routine invites unexpected changes that will enhance your life in a variety of ways. Here are 10 reasons you should start an exercise routine ASAP and stick with it: 1. Strengthen Your Self-Confidence When you see the subtle or dramatic changes exercise makes to your body, you’re likely to feel better about the way you look than you did before. (read more)

Everything You Need To Know About Body Fat Percentage

Posted on 2016-10-07

Everyone has body fat. You have it and your neighbor has it. It can have a huge impact on our health, so it’s important to understand what it is, why we need some of it, and how to get rid of the rest of it. Here are 7 things you need to know about body fat: 1. Here are the basics about fat. When we hop on the scale, the scale shows us our body weight. (read more)

Plank Your Way to Fitness

Posted on 2016-10-03

If your introduction to planking exercise was through humorous internet videos and images of people planking in strange or exotic destinations, you may be selling the benefits of these exercises short. Plank exercises are a powerful way to improve your fitness and stamina. In this plank workout for beginners, we are going to explore the benefits and the basics of plank exercises and some variations. We’ll discuss how often and how long you should plank along with common mistakes to avoid. (read more)

Runners Academy: The Do's and Don'ts of Running

Posted on 2016-09-26

Everybody knows running is good for you. It gets your heart pumping, makes your brain and body feel euphoric, strengthens your joints and core, and you can do it almost anywhere! That doesn’t stop a lot of people from making excuses not to do it; however, a little knowledge can be a great motivator. Here are five do’s and five don’ts to get you in the know and get you moving: (read more)

Upper Body Workouts on a Treadmill

Posted on 2016-09-06

Running is an effective all-around workout, but it is important to also strengthen your upper body. Sometimes when you get into your running routine, you forget about toning your arms. Try implementing the following tips to work your upper body on the treadmill. Incline Push-ups After you’ve finished warming up with a small run, pause your treadmill and step off the belt, stepping to the sides of your treadmill. Place your hands close together on your treadmill’s handlebar and while keeping your feet flat on the sides, bring your chest all the way to the handlebar. (read more)

Adding crossfit workouts treadmill routine

Posted on 2016-09-01

Crossfit is known for its machine-less, high intensity workouts. The idea of using a treadmill may be a turnoff to some CrossFit fanatics, but that’s probably because they are thinking of the “traditional” way to use a treadmill. Forget setting the machine to a low jog and turning on the food channel; these treadmill workouts will align perfectly with your high power, high concentration CrossFit goals. Plank Walk- Core and Shoulder Workout Straight Body: Place feet on a block and hands on a 1 mph treadmill with wrists directly under shoulders. (read more)

Training for a 5k: What to Expect at Your First Race

Posted on 2016-08-22

Running in a 5K race offers the opportunity to improve your skills and gain new experiences. The challenge of the first race is in preparation: obtaining the appropriate items and learning correct running etiquette and strategies. While your primary goal in a 5K race is finishing the run and improving your personal times, preparation allows you to relax and enjoy the entire event. What to Bring on Race Day The items you carry to the race play an important role in the activity. (read more)

8 At-Home Cardio Fixes Besides a Treadmill

Posted on 2016-06-08

We’ve all had those times where we’re stuck in an exercise rut. We’ve hit the plateau of our cardio workout on the treadmill and need to mix it up a bit. Try some of these ideas with and without your exercise machine to get you back on track to your fitness goals. Try A Different Machine Ellipticals In addition to lowered joint impact, a great benefit to elliptical training is that it helps to change your stride, activating different muscles in your lower body. (read more)

5 Stretching Exercises All Runners Should Know

Posted on 2016-05-03

Whether you’re a short or long distance runner, properly stretching before and after exercise makes all the difference in your performance, ability to avoid running injuries, and post-workout stiffness. Sure, you may do a quick forward fold at the hips and pull one heel at a time to the glutes for a quad stretch but you may be missing out on these awesome stretches every runner should know. Stretching the IT Band and Opening the Hips Double Pigeon Sit on a folded blanket. (read more)

Injury Prevention for Runners

Posted on 2016-03-18

Injury prevention for runners is a key to keep on pace with training and for general exercise purposes. One injury can take you out of the game for a long time and destroy the endurance and strength you’ve worked so hard to build. To help prevent running-related injuries, we interviewed several top running bloggers to get their perspectives and experiences on minimizing risk through cadence, footwear, and foot-strike mechanics. (read more)

Using Your Treadmill to Train for Your Next Race

Posted on 2016-03-14

Whether it’s training for the 10th 100-mile ultramarathon or getting ready for a first half marathon, distance runners know that regular endurance training is the key to maintaining strength and stamina. They also know that variety is important for maximum benefit, and a fantastic treadmill workout can offer that diversity. These exercises should be regularly intermixed with the rest of your training regimen to help you take advantage of what treadmills can offer serious runners. (read more)

Heart Rates To Aim For On Your Treadmill

Posted on 2016-03-08

It’s easy to get on a treadmill, put in your 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, and not really think about whether your workout is intense enough to get you to your fitness goals. Here is where the value of measuring your heart rate comes into play. Using your age, desired outcome, and current physical condition, you can determine what heart rate zone is best for you. 1. Figure out your resting heart rate Your resting heart rate is determined by the number of times your heart beats every second. (read more)

How 5 Minutes on Your Treadmill Can Make Your Morning

Posted on 2016-02-05

Treadmill workouts offer a fun and innovative way to exercise and condition your body. Whether you have never worked out, are just getting back into an exercise program or are looking to take your workout to another level, the treadmill serves as a great tool because the different settings adapt to your specific needs. You can manipulate the intensity of your workout by adjusting the incline and speed of the treadmill. (read more)

30-Day Treadmill Challenge

Posted on 2016-02-02

All it takes to see dramatic results in how you look and feel is one month and a treadmill! Exercising on a treadmill burns calories and fat, reduces stress, and makes working out simple. You won’t need to battle the weather or worry that it is dark outside; the treadmill eliminates all of those excuses. Get set for your personalized treadmill challenge and feel like a new person in 30 days! (read more)

What is a realistic expectation for my weight loss goals?

Posted on 2016-01-29

After ringing in the new year, many people try to get to work on their New Year’s resolutions. Each year, the most popular resolution pertains to health and weight loss. Unfortunately, the majority of people abandon their weight loss resolutions within a few weeks. Setting realistic expectations and educating yourself about the science of weight loss can help you make steady progress toward your goals. Understanding the Science of Weight Loss People trying to lose weight often view calories as the enemy. (read more)

10-Minute Workout Ideas

Posted on 2016-01-26

Americans have less free time than ever between long working hours and other obligations. Unfortunately, exercise time is often the first thing to go when life gets busy. We all have experienced the urge to hit the snooze button or to go straight home rather than heading to the gym. Even sticking to a routing in the comfort of a home gym can be a challenge. To get the most benefit to your physical health, squeeze in exercises whenever you have a few minutes to kill. (read more)

Home Fitness Bloggers You Should Follow

Posted on 2016-01-25

Most people agree that fitness relates not only to how much weight you can lift, how fast you can run, or what size clothes you wear but includes the overall well-being of the whole person. Healthy living entails physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellness. This health journey requires help and inspiration from others, which comes often in the form of online blogs. You might have many reasons to follow an online fitness blogger, such as: (read more)

6 ways to keep your fitness resolutions

Posted on 2016-01-15

Just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, according to research from the University of Scranton. In 2016, resolve to become part of that elite group by sticking with your fitness goals. At two weeks into the New Year, it is a good time to evaluate your resolution and make adjustments to ensure that you are on track to hit your goals. Set a “SMART” Goal One of the biggest reasons people fail to meet their New Year’s resolutions is that they do not set reasonable goals for themselves. (read more)

Tips For Maximizing Your Treadmill Workout

Posted on 2015-11-05

We constantly consume calories, only to try to get rid of as soon as possible. Treadmills are one of the best ways to burn calories. These simple tips will help increase your calorie burn for every treadmill workout. Start With A Plan All paths to success come from setting goals. Planning ahead can make all the difference in burning extra calories to tone and tighten your body. Pre-programmed Workout - iFit® on NordicTrack treadmills provides new and original treadmill workouts for you daily. (read more)

Dancing the Calories Away On Your Home Treadmill

Posted on 2015-10-29

Depending on the style, dancing can have a major neurological load on the brain. Quite simply this means you need to think a lot about your steps and body position, which elicits a high amount of brain activity. Dancing can also be a great cardiovascular workout, especially if it is done at a fast tempo. Swing dancing with a partner would be a good example of a high neurological load plus calorie burn so you get the best of both worlds. (read more)

Music and Its Effects on Your Treadmill Workout

Posted on 2015-10-20

Boredom is often hard to avoid when it comes to treadmill workouts. It can feel restrictive and confining. Aside from being able to increase speed and incline, you don’t really have much action going on except for the repetitive nature of your arm and leg swing. That’s where music comes out of the bullpen to save the day. It’s been well documented that music can raise endorphins, which are natural painkillers. (read more)

Treadmill Walking Workouts for Beginners

Posted on 2015-10-13

Marathon runners aren’t born, they’re made through hours of training. Everyone starts out as a beginner, and if you’re looking to start running, a walking plan is one of the best ways to prepare your muscles for your running plan. Sure you walk every day, but walking with a purpose works your body harder. A lot of beginners tend to shy away from walking outside, and opt for treadmills instead. (read more)

Treadmill Workouts For Targeting Abs

Posted on 2015-10-08

When it comes to treadmill workouts, you are not limited to just working your legs. With some attention and effort, you can target your abs and core for a killer work out. These workouts can range in intensity, all depending on your endurance. The following workouts were designed to target the rectus abdominis, which is in the middle of the stomach, and the inner and outer obliques, which are on the sides of the rib cage. (read more)