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Sustaining Snacks for Long Distance Training On Your Treadmill

Posted on 2016-06-03

Running is an art. Orchestrating the perfect run requires you to put the right nutrients in your body. When doing a long run on a treadmill, consider this list of snacks that will keep you going strong.

Energy Bars

Energy Bars are a seeming no-brainer. Something with "energy" in the name is perfect for your run, right? Not so fast. Before you grab just any energy bar, make sure you [check the nutrition label]( If the list of ingredients seems like a different language or begins with milk chocolate, find yourself a different bar. Some sugar is fine (after all, no one wants a bar that tastes like cardboard), but make sure your main priority is finding an energy bar with at least 40 grams or more of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates will increase blood glucose levels, feeding your brain and increasing endurance thresholds.


Drink them. Dry Them. Freeze them. Just make sure to eat them. Loaded with high levels of carbohydrates, cherries are key to reducing muscle soreness. One study suggests cherries' natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as their high amounts of antioxidants diminish muscle pain from exercise. Keep in mind their high fiber content makes them digest slowly, so be careful not to gorge yourself during your run. Eat cherries, but do so in moderation.

cherries for long distance running on a treadmill

Frozen Grapes

Grapes are delicious and refreshing, all while increase body fluid and supplying the blood with nitric oxide to help reduce the possibility of blood clots. They are simple to digest and give you the burst of natural sugar to help sustain your pace. Grapes are a great option for a light food that will make your belly feel full without having to pack on extra calories.

grapes for long distance running on a treadmill


The king of running snacks- the list would be incomplete without mentioning this high carbohydrate, easy-to-eat fruit. A study at Appalachian State University suggests eating a banana can have the same effect on carbohydrate levels as sports drinks only with some added advantages. Bananas also bring potassium and vitamin B6 to the table which are vital for fluid maintenance and metabolic processes.

bananas for long distance running on a treadmill


Skip the fancy and often expensive running jelly beans and opt for a more natural option of raisins. They cost less while packing an equal punch when it comes to maintaining blood glucose levels. They are an easy snack to give you a burst of energy without feeling like you just ate a four-course meal.

raisins for long distance running on a treadmill

All of these snacks have a common denominator— Blood glucose. Carbohydrates, which increase glucose levels, are vital to delaying fatigue, especially during endurance exercise. So start snacking smarter and find yourself running longer and stronger.