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Preworkout drink or post workout meal

Posted on 2016-08-31

When it comes to drinking a daily workout shake everyone seems to have a different opinion. Before asking when, your first question should be what. Depending on your answer, you’ll know the scientifically based best times to supplement. PreWorkout Nutrition Amino Acid Intake If you want to drink pre-workout, think essential amino acids. One study suggests that consuming an essential amino acid-carbohydrate supplement immediately before resistance training improves protein synthesis for up to two hours post exercise. (read more)

Training for a 5k: What to Expect at Your First Race

Posted on 2016-08-22

Running in a 5K race offers the opportunity to improve your skills and gain new experiences. The challenge of the first race is in preparation: obtaining the appropriate items and learning correct running etiquette and strategies. While your primary goal in a 5K race is finishing the run and improving your personal times, preparation allows you to relax and enjoy the entire event. What to Bring on Race Day The items you carry to the race play an important role in the activity. (read more)

Benefits of a Home Gym

Posted on 2016-08-19

Fitness should be simple and practical – everything about packing a bag, climbing into the car, and heading to the gym is not. Added to the hassle of traveling somewhere just to workout are the scheduling conflicts and overcrowding problems that mess up your day. How can you stay active and healthy with such obstacles working against you? Owning a home gym solves many of these issues. You can fit in a quick session anytime during the day and benefit from the cumulative effect of multiple workouts too. (read more)

Treadmill Training For Marathon Runners

Posted on 2016-07-22

How to choose and how to use a treadmill to train for your next ultra-marathon Running on the treadmill may not be at the top of everyone’s training list, but that doesn’t stop many marathoners like Antonio Vega, Team USA Minnesota, from doing the bulk of their training indoors on the treadmill. While the argument that the treadmill is not the same as running over land has been beaten to death (obviously the treadmill is not the same as pavement, track, or trail) that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to achieve enormous results. (read more)

8 At-Home Cardio Fixes Besides a Treadmill

Posted on 2016-06-08

We’ve all had those times where we’re stuck in an exercise rut. We’ve hit the plateau of our cardio workout on the treadmill and need to mix it up a bit. Try some of these ideas with and without your exercise machine to get you back on track to your fitness goals. Try A Different Machine Ellipticals In addition to lowered joint impact, a great benefit to elliptical training is that it helps to change your stride, activating different muscles in your lower body. (read more)

Sustaining Snacks for Long Distance Training On Your Treadmill

Posted on 2016-06-03

Running is an art. Orchestrating the perfect run requires you to put the right nutrients in your body. When doing a long run on a treadmill, consider this list of snacks that will keep you going strong. Energy Bars Energy Bars are a seeming no-brainer. Something with "energy" in the name is perfect for your run, right? Not so fast. Before you grab just any energy bar, make sure you [check the nutrition label](https://www. (read more)