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NordicTrack Invites You To Participate In ‘Bike to Work Week’

Taking measures to improve your health starts with making a small change. During May, you have a chance to try out a change that gives you key health benefits while also helping you get to work. During Bike to Work Week, you can take advantage of the event to start working on your fitness goals before the start of the summer months.

The Impact of Biking on Your Health

The primary reason to start biking and take advantage of Bike to Work Week is the opportunity to improve your well-being and health through biking. The exercise helps you reach weight loss goals or maintain a healthy weight without taking risks with your health.
Since biking is easy on your joints, it is an effective way to work on your health. You will not risk joint pain because it does not put undue pressure on your knees and other joints in your body. It also allows you to improve the health of your heart by increasing your heart rate and strengthening the muscles. You can also use the event to work on improving your stamina and strengthen your muscles.
While the primary advantages to your health relate to your heart and muscles, you also benefit from the impact on your mobility. Regular biking improves your balance while walking or engaging in day-to-day activities. It improves your overall mobility.

Why Participate in the Event?

While the health benefits for Bike to Work Week are clearly related to the physical exercise, you may have other reasons to consider participating in the event. The week long challenge gives you a chance to engage co-workers, friends or family members in an activity that is easy for most individuals. It allows you to catch up on discussions or engage others in your interests outside of work.
The challenge also holds you accountable for your weight loss or fitness goals. Since you tell friends and family about your goal to keep up with the challenge, you stay motivated to keep up with the event throughout the entire week. It also has a limited time frame, which allows you to stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed with the exercise routine.
After evaluating the advantages of the event, you may also notice that the timing is ideal for summer weight loss goals. It starts on May 15th and ends on May 19th, which gives you a chance to start a weight loss plan.
Take a chance to improve your health with Bike to Work Week. Enjoy the activity while you participate in a challenge that encourages better exercise habits and helps you make a positive change in your life.