NordicTrack Featuring iFit Personal Trainer: Stacie Clark

One of the things that sets NordicTrack apart from the rest of the competition is iFit®. By taking fitness to the next level, iFit® delivers to you the best personal trainers, workout classes, a nutritionist, and unlimited access to places all over the world. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home!

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Stacie Clark is one of 24+ world-class personal trainers you can access on iFit®. Her ability to get you motivated and working out is bound to give you the ultimate fitness experience on the daily. Stacie is not only an incredible personal trainer, but she’s a family woman and knows just how to balance it all.

NordicTrack- iFit Trainer Stacie Clark

Get to know Stacie as we asked her how she stays motivated, how she juggles fitness and family, and what kind of advice she’d give to someone just starting out in the fitness world:

Question: Why did you start working out?

A: “I was always an athlete growing up, but I gained nearly 50 lbs in college and knew I didn’t want to continue to go down that path. I got a trainer, my now husband, and he got me into the best shape of my life. I soon decided to leave the corporate world of fashion, and got certified to join the fitness industry full-time. It’s a lifestyle for me, not a job. I thoroughly enjoy training in some format every single day.”

Question: How do you stay motivated to workout each day?

A: “I love inspiring other moms and females that they CAN do it! My kids inspire me every day as well as my genetic history. Leading a fit and healthy life motivates me daily to live my fullest and best life possible.”

Question: When you are in a workout slump, how do you motivate yourself to get going again?

A: “Throw on a bikini and turn up the music! That’s motivation for anyone, right? Honestly, my job is to motivate others and change one life at a time. So, I know if I don’t show up and put forth effort, I haven’t done my job.”

NordicTrack- iFit Trainer Stacie Clark

Question: What do you think is the key to juggling family, life, and fitness?

A: “Balance and lifestyle. For my household, we need a production schedule. Really, we do! It’s important to work hard and play harder. We always make sure to take time-outs throughout the year for quality family vacations – spending quality time and making memories together is key. Living an active, healthy life overall is a lifestyle for our family.”

Question: What is your go-to quick breakfast?

A: “I always have a cup of coffee in the morning to start my day. To refuel post-workout, I go for a protein shake and/or 2 boiled eggs.”

Question: What is your favorite type of workout environment?

A: “Well, I absolutely LOVE the outdoors. But if I am indoors, I thrive off of a music pumping, high-energy environment with like-minded individuals that want to get after it and sweat, leaving nothing left.”

NordicTrack- iFit Trainer Stacie Clark

Question: What “fitness lesson by mom” do you still live by today?

A: “Move it or lose it. You gotta keep moving throughout the day to maintain what you have. No matter what you can give that day, you have to show up and earn your rent in life.”

Question: What does your personal workout schedule look like?

A: “I go at it everyday, but it is a periodized schedule and balance of hard and easy. My off day is actually an active recovery day, which is generally a long walk, jog combo and yoga.”

Question: What fitness motto do you live by?

A: “One must earn the right to be fit, put purpose in your training to maximize your time.”

Question: What do you always incorporate into your workouts? (Cardio, lots of reps, etc.)

A: “Core. I always incorporate core for strength overall, and sometimes, that also involves into a metabolic burst intervals of cardio.”

NordicTrack- iFit Trainer Stacie Clark

Question: What advice would you give someone who is just starting out their fitness journey?

A: “The hardest decision is showing up, and that’s the one decision that can determine the rest of your day and life. So, the most important decision is to move. The best decision of the day is showing up. Treat it like an appointment. Be accountable. Grab a friend. Have fun! One must earn the right to be fit. You can’t buy it, you gotta earn it.”

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Chris Clark with iFit – NordicTrack

Chris Clark with iFit – NordicTrack

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