Give Mothers The Gifts Of Health And Happiness This Mother’s Day

Are you uncertain what to give your mother – and the rest of the mothers in your life – for Mother’s Day this year? Try giving the most cherished and valuable gifts to that special woman in your life this year: health and happiness.
Mothers breathe life into the world, and they do so much to make life easier and more beautiful. Moms care for their families every day of the year, performing herculean tasks to make sure every member of the family has what they need to succeed. Mothers also provide emotional support and unconditional love, in good times and in bad.
Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. It is also one of the most overlooked. Many women work long hours inside and outside the home to provide better lives for their children. A large number of mothers belong to the “sandwich generation,” taking care of both their children and their parents.
Doing so much for so many leaves mothers short on time for themselves. Overstretched moms often skimp on the necessities in life, such as a nutritious diet and exercise, choosing instead to devote all their time, attention and resources to their families. Over the years, this can take a toll on a woman’s health.

Show Mom How Much You Love Her This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your mother how much you love her. Make the entire day all about her:
  1. Let her catch up on some much needed sleep.
  2. Start by making her a nutritious breakfast.
  3. Spend some time engaging in her favorite activity as a family or encourage her to attempt something she has always wanted to try.
No matter which activity your mom chooses, keep the spotlight on her.
While it is true that you cannot buy health and happiness, you can give your mom gifts that help her feel a little healthier and quite a bit happier. Giving her a gift that helps her live a longer, happier life is a great way to express how much you love and appreciate her.
Rather than giving your mom something that makes her feel less than 100%, give her something that puts a little pep in her step. Some mothers would love to get in better shape, but they have trouble figuring out when and how to exercise. You can help your mom establish a home fitness routine that is faster and more convenient than going to the gym. NordicTrack equipment, such as ellipticals and treadmills that are iFit enabled, makes it easy for your mother to exercise safely and effectively at home. Also, an iFit Wearable can help your mom track her fitness goals, heart rate, activity level and more. And what woman doesn’t love shoes? Your mother would love a pair of Altra Shoes for hiking, walking, or running; great to wear for everyday activities.
If you have sisters that are mothers, you are married to a mother, or have a mother-in-law, be sure to show them a little love on Mother’s Day too. All mothers deserve a healthful, happy Mother’s Day this year.
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