NordicTrack Featuring iFit Personal Trainer: John Peel

Whether you’re brand new to working out or you’ve been in the fitness game for years, recovery is very important to being successful in health. Recovery is the time for your body to adapt to your exercise and replenish itself for your next workout session. This is also important for your body to repair damaged tissues that comes along with working out in general.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen to you to learn that recovery is crucial. Avoid finding out the hard way if you can. Listen to iFit® personal trainer, John Peel, share his recovery story:

“Growing up in Scottsdale, umm, everyone kind of knows everybody in a sense, especially when it comes to sports. You know all those guys that you’re playing against personally. I played at a high school that was a dynasty, and we had that target on our back — we’re always the team to beat. I was playing, you know, every down on the field, and I think that kind of just taught me that this is what I wanted to be doing. I saw how much success I was having, and so I think from there, it only, my passion only grew stronger.

John Peel – NordicTrack

John Peel – NordicTrack

Making that transition from a high school football player to a college football player, everybody’s good. Everyone’s on your level. There were days I’d you know go back to our dorm room and just ask myself what am I doing here. We were in 2-a-days; it’s not even a live-action play, it’s just a drill. I just remember lining up, and then I remember laying in a stretcher in a ambulance heading to the hospital. At the time I couldn’t feel my toes and, you know, that was one of those moments where you really start to think like, ‘Am I paralyzed? What happened? Are you going to  come out of this okay?’ I think it was the moment my life that really changed my mentality and everything as a whole. And that’s when I fell in love with recovery. Training, changing your body, that’s it. This is my calling.

Now I get to help people change their lives mentally and physically. So, I feel like it’s just my mission to let people know or people see that light, you know, there’s a way to get in shape. If you just stick to the program, you stick to the process, it’s gonna eventually happen and you’re gonna eventually find a better you. The process, for me, it consists of work ethic, appreciating time, taking care of your body — you put those together all in one, and I think it’s going to lead to success.”

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NordicTrack Featuring iFit Personal Trainers: Idalis Velazquez

NordicTrack Featuring iFit Personal Trainer: Idalis Velazquez

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