Home Treadmill Training: Improving Speed

Owning a NordicTrack Treadmill is a great first step in increasing your running speed. Once you have that taken care of, there is a variety of things you can do on your home treadmill to help you run faster.

Go Slower To Move Faster

It can sound counter-intuitive, but by going slower during your treadmill training can help you speed up overall. Many runners push themselves to train at a high heart rate, which exhausts them faster than exercising at a more moderate pace.

You will need to target your idea running heart rate and ensure you are staying within 60-70% of your running effort. That way you can allow your body to build up strength and muscle while avoiding injury by pushing yourself too hard during your treadmill training.

Be Consistent In Your Treadmill Training

Improve speed – NordicTrack

Improve speed – NordicTrack

Consistency is key to improving your overall speed while running. It is essential that you stick to a consistent training schedule; otherwise, your body will not be able to build up the necessary strength or endurance to boost up your speed.

Your treadmill training should happen at least 3 times a week to be consistent in your training. However, if you can push for consistent training 5 days a week, you will see greater improvements in your speed.  

Push Yourself For Longer Treadmill Runs

Another way to increase your speed is to go for longer runs. So, if you are training to improve your 5K speed, push your long runs to 4-6 miles, rather than just 3 miles.

Not only will this tactic increase your overall running speed, but it will also boost your mental fortitude, which is a major part of successful long distance running.

Add Incline To Your Treadmill Workouts

Unless you are a track runner, any races you participate in will have some form of incline. Many runners slow down a lot when they hit gentle rolling inclines, dropping their overall speed far below their goal.

By adding incline to your treadmill workouts, you can not only control how much incline you are going to fight, but your joints won’t take the pounding that normal hill training can induce.

Also, the extra resistance from your treadmill incline running workouts will allow you to build greater power to speed over hills and flat terrain.

Master Proper Treadmill Running Form

Shaving minutes off of your running time can depend on correcting your running form. Some important running posture adjustments you should make are:

  • Keep your shoulders back and down
  • Avoid leaning forward or hunching up
  • Keep your arms loose and hands open
  • Strike with your midfoot

Mix In Interval Training Sessions

To build up your slow twitch muscles, which influence your endurance and your ability to hold your ideal speed, interval training needs to be part of your consistent training schedule.

Depending on your current fitness level, a type of interval training you might engage in is running 400-meter intervals with 6-9 repeats, with 30-60 seconds rests in-between intervals. These intervals should be run at 85-90% effort, to help you build your overall speed.

By adding these treadmill workouts to your routine, you should see significant improvements in your running speed before long.