Home Treadmill Training: Improving Duration

Improving duration – NordicTrack

Improving duration – NordicTrack

Long distance running is as much a mental effort as it is a physical one, especially if you are training primarily on your home treadmill. This increase in mental effort can be attributed to the fact that your brain knows you aren’t going anywhere when running on a treadmill. Without a specific location in mind, your body is likely to tire out much sooner on a treadmill than it would when running outside.  

You can combat this challenge in a number of ways, getting great workouts from your home treadmill while increasing your duration and speed.

Adjust Your Incline And Speed Settings Regularly

If your regular treadmill routine involves running at the same pace and incline level the whole time, stop doing so immediately.

Instead, think about how running outside feels. Even if you aren’t doing any specific hill or interval training, no surface is entirely smooth. You are constantly making minor incline adjustments when you step off the sidewalk or skip a section of cracked pavement. These constant incline and speed adjustments keep your body and mind engaged in your workout.

To recreate this effect indoors on your treadmill, you can do a couple of different things:

  • Manually set incline and speed – Whenever you feel like giving up, or you’re becoming a bit bored, change your incline level or speed. You can choose to do it by whole integer increments or smaller steps. Either way, you can boost your brain’s engagement in the workout and push yourself a little further.
  • Select incline or speed programs – Almost all of NordicTrack’s treadmills have incline- or speed-focused workout programs. These programs range from beginner to advanced, so you will be able to find something for your level of fitness.
  • Run outdoor trails with iFit® Trainers – Run an actual trail via video, which automatically adjusts your speed and incline to match the route.

If you are particularly interested in treadmills with plenty of incline, be sure to check out the NordicTrack Incline Trainer treadmills. They have the best incline range of any treadmills currently available – with the ability to decline to -6% and up to 40%, so that you can pack in an intense workout.

Add iFit® Coach To Your Treadmill Workouts

To invigorate any treadmill workout, check out iFit®. This new approach to fitness is revolutionizing how people approach home fitness – allowing individuals to connect with world-class personal trainers through a massive variety of workout programs.

Our favorite programs to energize a treadmill run are the Global Trek™ programs. By partnering with Google Maps, you can interactively run through far-away destinations, such as Paris or Capetown, catching all the beautiful sights. The program will automatically change your speed and incline to reflect the area where you are running. You can change the speed and incline if you prefer.

Several treadmill brands have treadmills which can sync with iFit®. However, NordicTrack treadmills come with both iFit® integration, and many have touchscreens to make it even easier to access iFit®.

By incorporating our tips into your indoor treadmill workouts, you should begin to see continual improvement in the amount of time you can spend running on your treadmill.