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Home Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following

Posted on 2016-01-25

Most people agree that fitness relates not only to how much weight you can lift, how fast you can run, or what size clothes you wear but includes the overall well-being of the whole person. Healthy living entails physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellness. This health journey requires help and inspiration from others, which comes often in the form of online blogs. You might have many reasons to follow an online fitness blogger, such as:

  • 1. learning about healthy behavior and lifestyle choices
  • 2. discovering new and innovative exercise techniques
  • 3. receiving the latest information on diets and eating plans
  • 4. finding creative, healthy recipes
  • 5. and associating with like-minded people with similar interests and concerns.

Whatever your motives, check out the following popular fitness blog sites that address healthy living in positive, inspiring ways.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness with founder Steve Kamb gives people from all different backgrounds and walks of life an opportunity to be part of the “Nerd Fitness Rebellion,” an interactive online fitness group created to challenge, motivate, train, instruct, support and inspire members to transform their lives and “level up.” Steve teaches that as the best version of yourself, you are in the best shape of your life with a desire to assist and inspire others to do the same. In this blog, you will uncover fitness lies, learn new truths, understand how to make lasting changes, find out how to get healthy without a gym and learn strategies for success in every area of your life.

Girls Gone – Strong – Designed by Women for Women

Girls Gone Strong – Designed by Women for Women was co-founded by Neghar Fonooni and Molly Galbraith to offer women nutrition guidance, fitness training, mindset coaching and the support of like-minded women. On the site, you will find women helping women change their bodies and their lives forever. The Girls Gone Strong advisory board boasts professional women from all walks of fitness life, including a naturopathic doctor, registered dieticians, authors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal trainers, coaches and athletes. With the help of knowledgeable coaches and a tight-knit community of other women on similar journeys, the online “Strongest You Coaching Program” assists women in attaining their individual health and fitness goals.

Early To Rise – Health, Wealth and a Life Well Lived

Early To Rise – Health, Wealth and a Life Well Lived, a holistic blog founded by Craig Ballantyne, provides readers with advice, strategies and information to live a fuller, richer life. The site’s information empowers men and women with confidence to accomplish their goals of productivity and success through health, wealth, self-improvement and lifestyle. Early To Rise includes interesting and informative articles from professional contributors who specialize in various health capacities. Although the subject of wellness embodies a wide array of areas, the main focus of the health section includes alternative health, anti-aging, fitness, nutrition, sleep and fat loss.