NordicTrack’s Frequently Asked Questions: FreeStride Trainers

FreeStrider Trainer 7i – NordicTrack

FreeStrider Trainer 7i – NordicTrack

Let’s say you’re in the market to purchase your first piece of exercise equipment for your home, but you’re not exactly sure what to get. Should you get a treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper?

Well, NordicTrack has made it easy for you and combined each machine, giving you NordicTrack FreeStride Trainers. Reap the benefits of a cardio session of a treadmill, the total-body workout of an elliptical, and toning benefits of a stair stepper all in one workout.

It is ergonomically designed to adapt to the way you move, which makes for an efficient, yet comfortable, workout. Train at your speed whether that’s at a low intensity or high intensity level. It’s your workout, do what you want! And if you’re not sure what to do with it, NordicTrack FreeStride Trainers give you access to 35 workout apps as well as enabled with iFit® technology.  

But don’t let us do all the bragging; see for yourself:

We have compiled a list of our customer’s most frequently asked questions to make your decision-making process less of a headache:

FreeStride Trainer Features

Q: What is the benefit of NordicTrack FreeStrider Trainers versus a traditional elliptical?

3 machines in one – NordicTrack FreeStride Trainers

3 machines in one – NordicTrack FreeStride Trainers

A: The unique floating suspension system takes away the normal limits of a crank-connected pedal, so you control the length of your stride. Get the toning benefits of a stepper, the cardio benefits of a treadmill, and the total-body conditioning of an elliptical.

Q: What is iFit® Coach?

A: iFit® Coach is like having a personal trainer in your home, every single day. iFit® Coach gives you access to daily LiveCast classes led by world-renown personal trainers, Google Maps street view, an expanding workout library, personalized nutrition, a free iFit® wearable, HD videos all over the world, sleep analysis, and much more!

Q: Do the FreeStride Trainers fold?

A: No, our FreeStrider Trainers do not have a space saving option.

Q: How tall do my ceilings need to be?

A: For ceiling height, you will want the tallest user’s height plus 16 inches.

FreeStride Trainers – NordicTrack

FreeStride Trainers – NordicTrack

NordicTrack Payment & Financing

Q: Which payment options do you offer?

A: You can purchase your FreeStride Trainer in-full with your debit or credit card. We also offer special financing with NordicTrack Finance. See terms.

Q: Do you have any discounts?

A: We do! Contact one of our agents for current promotions.

NordicTrack Shipping

Q: How much is shipping?

A: We offer FREE shipping to your home. We also have upgraded shipping options, including threshold delivery, in-room delivery, and full in-home assembly.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Shipping takes about 7-10 business days. We know you are anxious to get your new FreeStride Trainer, so we will get it to you ASAP!

iFit on FreeStride Trainers – NordicTrack

iFit on FreeStride Trainers – NordicTrack

Setting Up

Q: How hard is set-up?

A: Our FreeStride Trainers come in 15 large pieces. All you need is a screw driver; the machine comes with the rest of the tools required. We recommend 2 people for assembly as some pieces are quite large. We also offer in-home assembly at checkout!

NordicTrack Warranty

Q: What is the warranty?

A: Buy confidently! The FreeStride Trainers have a Lifetime Frame Warranty, a 5-year Parts Warranty, and 2-year Labor Warranty.

NordicTrack Returns

Q: What if I don’t like the machine?

A: We offer a 30 day money back promise. If you hate the machine, you can return your product within those 30 days (return shipping and restocking fees apply).

Should you have any more questions that we haven’t answered on this list, contact one of our NordicTrack representatives for more information.