Forget Gym Spin Classes – Get The Grand Tour Bike Instead

We know part of the allure of spin classes is the access to high-quality exercise bikes which help sculpt the body for complete fitness. You can bring that quality into your home in the form of either the Grand Tour or the Grand Tour Pro stationary bike.

Top Features Of The NordicTrack Grand Tour Bike Series

Grand Tour bike series – NordicTrack

Grand Tour bike series – NordicTrack

Unlike your average home stationary bike, which at best has several manually-adjustable resistance levels and only a few other features, the Grand Tour bikes have:

  • Digital resistance levels – 24 digital resistance levels are to be found on the Grand Tour bike with 26 available on the Grand Tour Pro. Push yourself further and farther than you thought possible by utilizing this huge resistance range.
  • Incline and decline – Resistance isn’t the only way to build up speed and fitness, so both Grand Tour bikes come with the ability to decline -10% and incline up to 10%. This use of the incline range can add an extra fat-burning, muscles-sculpting element to your cycling workouts. This is a feature you won’t find in most gym spin classes.
  • High weight capacities – The Grand Tour can accommodate a user who weighs up to 350 lbs, and the Grand Tour Pro can hold a user weighing up to 375 lbs. This amount of weight accommodation is far beyond what most residential stationary bikes can do and speaks to the overall durability of these bikes.
  • Integrated dumbbells – With both of these bikes, you will receive a pair of hand weights, which have been integrated into the design of the bikes. That way, you can fully engage your whole body during your home cycling workouts.
  • High-definition touch screens – Some people enjoy spin classes for the entertainment and engagement offered by attending the class. With the 7” high-definition Smart touchscreen available on the Grand Tour and the 10” high-definition Smart touchscreen available on the Grand Tour Pro, you can immerse yourself in your workout via iFit® Coach.

There are many more features to be found on each of these fantastic exercise bikes, but these are some of the high-quality features you won’t find on other, non-NordicTrack stationary bikes.

Attend Virtual Spin Classes On Your Grand Tour Home Stationary Bike

Grand Tour bike with iFit – NordicTrack

Grand Tour bike with iFit® – NordicTrack

When you purchase either of the NordicTrack Grand Tour stationary bikes, you will also receive a membership to iFit® Coach. Your iFit® membership includes access to a massive library of exercise videos and provides virtual spin classes as well.

These live-filmed classes are instructed by elite personal trainers who are prepared to push you to your limit as they keep up their high-energy instruction. You can choose classes and workout videos based on difficulty and find the right one for your current fitness level.

You can also track your workout information on your iFit® membership dashboard. That way, you have a clear idea of your progress. Even better, you can extend your iFit® membership to your NordicTrack treadmill and access all of the top-notch treadmill workouts available through iFit®.

Be ready to drop your spin classes and save money once you purchase one of the Grand Tour home exercise bikes because you’ll get hooked once this stationary bike is in your home gym.