Finding Your Unwavering Motivation For Health and Exercise

Finding motivation – NordicTrack

Finding motivation – NordicTrack

What’s the number one excuse that most of us make when it comes to slipping up on a fitness plan? It’s usually a feeling of being unmotivated. When you’re lacking an enthusiastic urge to hit the treadmill or resist that cupcake, where do you turn to regain that spark?

When you figure out the answer to this magical quest, let us know! Because as far as we’re concerned, there is no magic potion for never-ending fitness motivation. It comes and it goes. And more specifically, it comes in fleeting waves while it disappears in depressive droughts.

Motivation Isn’t The Answer To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, or even the guy next to you at the gym who is jaw-droppingly stacked, and wondered how on earth they found the motivation to get to where they’re at, you’re fantasizing about the wrong emotion.

Anyone who has found success anywhere, be it the gym, the football field, the workplace, or the classroom, they didn’t get there because of a constant renewal of motivation. They got there despite a lack of motivation. They got there because they said “forget motivation” on the days when they weren’t feeling so inspired. They got there because they had a work ethic that drove them through their motivational droughts.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

The key to successfully implementing a fitness routine or diet plan, and then sticking to it, is creating a plan that accounts for those days when you aren’t feeling that motivation. When frustration is the result of unmet expectations, beat the frustration by having the appropriate expectations for yourself (ie. There are going to be days when you do not want to stick it out), and then planning for them!

Common Reasons Your Motivation Has Run Out and How To Reignite The Fire

You’re Exhausted At The End Of A Busy Day

It happens to all of us, on most days of the week. Adulthood is no joke! Work, kids, relationships, stress, poor diet – they all contribute to tiring our minds and bodies, zapping us of our will to add one more thing to the docket for the day. However, if a lack of energy is a constant occurrence, it’s time to evaluate the potential culprit.

Check your diet. Are the foods you’re putting into your body aiding your health or detracting from it? Is your sleep schedule regular and meaningful? Have you said “yes” to too many commitments in your life? Prioritize your time and find where you can trim the fat in your schedule.

An Injury Is Preventing You From Continuing Your Normal Routine

You’ve had zero problems maintaining a new training routine only to find a growing ache in your knee. Knowing the risk of injury by pushing through this red flag from your body, you opt to put your routine on pause. But now what? Do you sit idly by and watch your progress rapidly deteriorate? For many, that would seem the inevitable option. But for those who are willing to get creative, this is an opportunity.

Find a new routine that you can implement in the meantime. When a runner is forced to put their running schedule on pause due to a bum knee, they benefit by temporarily shifting their time and efforts to strength conditioning. To improve the condition of your injury, work to build strength around the problem area. Especially when joints are involved – building the strength around surrounding muscles is key for improvement.

Sickness Has Knocked The Wind Out Of You

Even the common cold is a killer when it comes to tampering with your motivation. Should you stay off your feet? Quit the gym altogether? Or push through it and work your buns off anyway? The answer lies somewhere in the middle, but involves a heavy dose of chicken noodle soup, water, and compromise.

When you’re sick, you should definitely turn the volume down on your workload. Fluids and rest are key components to a quick recovery. Create an adjusted schedule for the routine you’ve been working on that limits your movement and calorie burn. In turn, take the time you’d usually spend at the gym and hit the books. Maintaining your know-how takes time and planning. While laying in bed and avoiding HIIT for the week, here are a few things you can focus your brain on:

  • Evaluate your current routine. What’s working? What isn’t working?
  • Plan the next month’s workout schedule or meal plan
  • Research new approaches to meeting your fitness goals.
  • Find new fitness gurus to read up on and follow on social media.

Your Kids Are A Constant Interruption To Your Heart Pounding Routine

The gym daycare is paging you again. Or perhaps your tot keeps running across your warpath in the living room where you sweat it out each morning. There are a hundred variations of kid distractions we could list, but the bottom line is that sometimes they just get in the way. If you’re having one of those days where the kiddos are in need of more attention than normal, hit pause.

Make a new plan. Once you can admit to yourself “this isn’t working”, you can find something else that will. Encourage kids to join you! Try again after nap time. The gym daycare isn’t able to deal with a bit of crying? Move the routine to your living room. It’s time to get creative!

Family Is In Town

Schedules get pretty hectic when family comes to town and the excuses for missing a workout pile up quickly. Waking up earlier doesn’t always work, especially when you have the kind of family that stays up late together. Have you tried getting more people involved?

Turn family time into exercise time with competition, team sports, or group yoga. You might have to alter your schedule, but you can always find ways to incorporate more people into a group activity.

What If You Simply Just Aren’t Feeling It?

Conjuring up motivation is going to be harder on some days than others. Acknowledging this is the first step to recovery. From time to time, give yourself a rest. If motivation is truly lacking, perhaps there is a good reason for taking a day off. Just remember not to succumb to laziness too often.

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