Effective And Targeted Treadmill Workouts Straight From The Experts

There are plenty of ways to approach a workout on your treadmill, but where is a good starting point? Here at NordicTrack, we have worked with personal trainers and developed workout programs available on our treadmills via iFit®. This program is a huge resource to our customers who are looking for variety and engagement from their treadmill machine. We’ve also reached out to a number of experienced runners on the web for more input on developing your own effective treadmill workout.

These treadmill gurus shared their insights with us so readers can learn the secrets behind creating and using targeted and effective treadmill workouts.

Meet The Treadmill Training Fanatics

Sarah Canney – NordicTrack

Run Far Girl – Sarah Canney

Ryan Hill – NordicTrack

Hill Runner – Ryan Hill

Stephanie Miller – NordicTrack

Fit Found Me – Stephanie Miller

Lauren Abbott – NordicTrack

Treadmill Reviews – Lauren Abbott

Key Factors In A Successful And Effective Treadmill Workout

Our four bloggers had their own methods to crafting successful treadmill workouts and their particular advice fell into two basic categories – body engagement and boredom-busting.

Ryan Hill from Hill Runner said, “I like to do things with treadmill workouts that we may find difficult to do off the treadmill”.

Elaborating on this, he said if you lack hills where you live, do your hill training on your treadmill by accessing the treadmill’s incline. By doing this, your body can stay engaged in the workout as it is something you cannot find easily outside of your home.

As you test out Ryan’s advice, Stephanie Miller from Fit Found Me wants you to use your treadmill to workout at your fitness level. Because if you push yourself too hard, it is more likely you will become frustrated and stop using your treadmill, she said.

She wants readers to be reassured that “Fitness is ever changing, no one should feel bad for starting slow”.

Once your body is engaged, Sarah Canney from Run Far Girl blends body engagement with boredom-busting by recommending that you rotate your treadmill workouts.

“You want a workout that is both challenging and fun; otherwise, you won’t be working to your full potential.” – Sarah Canney

Changing up the pace and incline helps your body to use different muscles and keeps your mind adjusting and engaged.

On the entertainment side of busting treadmill boredom, Lauren Abbott from Treadmill Reviews has several recommendations. One, if you hate staring at a wall or screen, stop doing it and position your treadmill near a window. She also uses iFit® for its unlimited training programs, so she has even more treadmill training options. Of the iFit® programs, she said, “It’s also very nice to hear what advice the trainers have during different challenges in the workout.”

Try A New Effective And Targeted Treadmill Workout

Depending on what kind of treadmill workout you are looking for, our blogging treadmill experts have you covered. Two of them had excellent advice for those looking for help with HIIT workouts and the other two treadmill aficionados have advice for those looking for distance-focused treadmill training advice.

Both Stephanie and Lauren chose to share their treadmill HIIT advice. “I am not usually a patient runner and prefer sprinting in between jogging to catch my breath”, admits Stephanie. She shared her favorite 20-minute HIIT workout.

Lauren shares Stephanie’s appreciation for sprinting and said, “At the end of every run, I finish with sprints – even when I feel like I can’t go any further.” Read the rest of Stephanie’s interview here for more advice on HIIT treadmill training. For the HIIT workout Lauren shared and the rest of her advice, read the full interview here.

For those who are trying to craft effective, longer treadmill workouts, Ryan and Sarah share their advice. Ryan reworked the idea of a progression run where you increase your incline, saying, “It’s a great workout for the pre-competition phase”.

His advice was fairly loosely based, where Sarah gave a recommended workout to help with treadmill workout progression. She said, “It elevates your heart rate and also acts as a strength workout.”  Read Ryan’s interview here. If you want Sarah’s workout and the rest of her advice, read the full interview here.

Choose The Right Treadmill For Your Cardio Workouts

We appreciate the busy running bloggers who took the time to contribute to our interview on effective and targeted treadmill workouts. Be sure to check out their full interview pages as well as their websites to see more of their high-quality fitness advice.

If you are ready to challenge yourself to the best treadmill workouts ever, be sure you have the right treadmill under you! NordicTrack treadmills are the best treadmills for your home gym, packed with the latest in fitness technology. Be sure to check out what we have to offer, so you can truly dive into your treadmill workouts and succeed.