Adding CrossFit Workouts To Your Treadmill Routine

CrossFit is known for its machine-less, high intensity workouts. The idea of using a treadmill may be a turnoff to some CrossFit fanatics, but that’s probably because they are thinking of the “traditional” way to use a treadmill. Forget setting the machine to a low jog, and turning on the food channel; these treadmill workouts will align perfectly with your high power, high concentration CrossFit goals.

Plank Walk- Core and Shoulder Workout

Straight Body

Place feet on a block, and hands on a 1 mph treadmill with wrists directly under shoulders. Walk one hand forward at a time as you keep the core strong.

On the Knees

Kneel at the end of a treadmill that is turned on 1 mph. Trying to keep a straight body, walk hands as far from your body as possible onto the treadmill.
Not intense enough? You could always take it to a handstand, and walk it out.

Mountain Climbers- Shoulders, Core, and Legs

Traditional Climbers

Place hands on the side of the treadmill. Keep low, running one leg toward the chest at a time in a traditional mountain climber. Adjust speed to your capabilities.

Reverse Climbers

Place hands on the ground at the bottom end of the treadmill. Stack wrists and shoulders. Lift hips, and place feet on the treadmill. Press one leg straight at a time as the conveyor moves the knees toward the upper body.

Crab Walk- Shoulder and Triceps Toning

Place feet off the end of the treadmill, and hands on the stable sides. Begin walking hands onto the treadmill trying to keep them underneath the shoulder. Keep hips lifted and core engaged.

Squats- Lower Body Training


Place both feet parallel and hip distance apart. Squat low, pressing the hip back. Power through the legs, jumping to the top of the treadmill, and start the process over.

Side Shuffle

Keep hips low as you step out and the inner leg toward the front of the treadmill. Think of pressing off the outside leg. Switch sides after one or two minutes.

Lunges- Quad and Glute Burners

Walking Lunges

Lower the back knee as you step the front leg forward. Bend through the front knee until it is in line with the front ankle. Switch legs for walking lunges.

Reverse Lunges

Turn backwards, and place forearms on the hand rails. Let one leg roll with the treadmill until it is fully extended as you pull the other leg with a bent knee under the body.

Speed Run- Cardio Burst

Stand on the edges of the treadmill, and set the speed to your normal running pace. Press arms into hand rails to lift your body onto the treadmill. Push it hard for 30 seconds. Jump back onto the sides for a 20 second rest, and then back onto the treadmill. Do five sets, and don’t forget to check your heart rate between treadmill workouts.
CrossFit is awesome for keeping intense workouts creative. But sometimes adding to your program means having to think outside the box (pun intended). Hopefully, this list will help you to never look the same way at a treadmill again.