Creating Balanced Treadmill Workouts For Your Fitness Level

Fitness is for all ages – a concept that NordicTrack fully embraces with the high-tech, well-cushioned treadmills. These treadmills can help support life-long health and fitness, thanks to their ability to be adjusted to your personal needs.

In order to help you develop balanced treadmill workouts that are both effective and time-targeted, NordicTrack reached out to Stephanie Miller from Fit Found Me. Stephanie discovered fitness and treadmill training later in life, and wanted to share what she has learned from developing her personal fitness.

Question: What do you feel are the key factors in a successful and effective treadmill workout?

Stephanie: “A successful and effective treadmill workout is going to be one that matches your fitness level. If you start with a workout too difficult, you will likely be frustrated, discouraged, and give up. Fitness is ever-changing – no one should feel bad for starting slow, and likewise, you should feel a bit of a challenge, so you will begin to see results over time to motivate you to continue.”

Question: What was your first treadmill experience like?

Stephanie: “I was never a runner growing up; it always seemed kind of boring to me until I ran on our Nordictrack with the trails on the screen. The real scenery with different elevations and other runners kept it challenging as well as entertaining.

Honestly, I was really shocked how much I enjoyed it. I had already been working out in other ways, so my fitness level wasn’t at ground zero at the time, but I surprised myself with how much endurance I had. I stepped off so proud of myself after running a couple of miles for the first time in my life – at 40-something years old!”

Question: What treadmill workout have you found to be your favorite? Please give workout details and explain why. What does it focus on and what benefits or improvements do you see?

Stephanie: “My favorite treadmill workout, by far, are HIITs to burn maximum calories. I am not usually a patient runner, and prefer sprinting in between jogging to catch my breath. I’d rather run on a cushioned treadmill to support my knees, monitor speed, time and distance compared to running outside on pavement or even the bare ground. Of course, being able to watch my favorite show while huffing and puffing is always a bonus! Cardio workouts in general aren’t my favorite, but they are necessary for both good health, burning massive calories as well as providing a good foundation for my passion, riding, and showing my horse.”

Stephanie Miller – NordicTrackStephanie was the average stay-at-home mom who looked in the mirror at age 42 and decided to take control of her weight and fitness through simple, healthy, lifestyle changes. Stephanie lost 35 lbs, rekindled her love of riding horses, and found a passion in helping other women over 40 reach their healthy living goals.