Building Muscle And Shedding Fat With The Fusion CST

The Fusion CST is the latest in innovative products from NordicTrack, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals as easy as possible.

Strength on the Fusion CST – NordicTrack

Strength on the Fusion CST – NordicTrack

The Fusion CST blends cardio and strength training into one integrated machine. At its core, it is a low-impact pulley device that uses a sleek flywheel to provide smooth, quiet resistance to your workout. A flywheel is the mechanism that powers spinner bikes. In addition to superior mechanical aspects, it also provides enviable access to online coaching through a built-in 10” tablet. With the Fusion CST, you need to look no further to find the perfect device for all your exercise needs.

Don’t just hear it from us:

Men’s Health said the Fusion CST is on the “innovation fast-track.”

Elliptical Reviews gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

FitRated gives the Fusion CST a 94 percent.

Here are some of the core benefits people are loving:

Key Benefits

  • The best of cardio and strength training – Combining cardio and strength training gives you your most effective and time efficient workout ever.
  • Gentle on your joints – Uses magnetic resistance instead of weight stacks, which means it will be gentler on your joints.
  • 4 sets of pulleys – You don’t need to pivot, change, or rotate your pulleys. The Fusion CST has a total of 8 pulleys, all placed at different heights, meaning you don’t need to make adjustments mid-workout. And each pulley has a maximum extension of over 7 feet.
  • 20 resistance settings – The Fusion CST gives you 20 resistance settings, allowing you to find the perfect difficulty level for your workout. And for your friend’s workout.

    Cardio on the Fusion CST – NordicTrack

    Cardio on the Fusion CST – NordicTrack

  • 10” tablet – Includes a huge 10” tablet, just for you. The tablet can be placed at different heights and adjustable angles. It provides all kinds of great feedback and tools.
  • iFit Coach Plus Membership – One of the best features is the tablet connecting to your iFit Coach Plus Membership. Get top-notch professional personal training right through your workout machine.
  • Bluetooth chest strap – A wireless heart rate monitor is included. See your heart rate in real-time.
  • The quietness – No more clunking of heavyweight stacks. The Fusion CST operates smoothly and quietly.
  • Space-consciousness – The Fusion CST doesn’t need its own room. It takes only 3½ x 5 feet of floor space. That’s smaller than some refrigerators.
  • HIIT friendly – The Fusion CST is a great way to get started on your HIIT workouts. Doing the strength and aerobic workouts all in one spot allows you to build intensity fast.
  • Watts meter – The watts meter is a new way to measure your progress. It gives you a real-time readout of your power. It will be familiar for cyclists.

Enjoy Your Workout While Achieving Great Results

The Fusion CST is the future of exercise. Use it to build muscle while shedding fat and achieve results that you never imagined!

Check out Brian’s weight loss story, and see how the Fusion CST has changed Brian’s life!