6 Benefits Of Using iFit Over Other Fitness Programs

iFit – NordicTrack

iFit – NordicTrack

For those interested in health and getting themselves into better shape, there’s many fitness programs out there offering all kinds of services. And sometimes these programs come with a hefty price tag with limited access to certain features.  Maybe a particular fitness program you’re looking into has a great HIIT workout series, but doesn’t have nutrition plan accessibility. Or another fitness program you’re comparing to the other offers a meal plan setup feature, but doesn’t have unlimited workouts.

Well, we have good news! Bringing everything to one platform which is easily accessible for everyone – it’s called iFit®. iFit® was created to provide its users with everything you need: workouts, personal trainer, nutritionist, and sleep coach – everything a person needs to become a better, healthier version of themselves. And on top of that, giving you a chance to see the world – all of this at no additional costs of any sort.    

iFit® offers a comprehensive fitness app. It has gained a strong reputation for its unique features, such as the Google Street View workouts with the best personal trainers in the business, but it also offers users traditional workout formats and easily tracks the user’s health through a variety of data points.

The app will track information such as:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Activity

It then uses this unique information to create health suggestions for you that have been completely customized to your needs.

iFit® also offers users a unique community – allowing people to connect with either all of those using the iFit® app or creating a more private circle. People on the app can follow each other and discuss their goals and experiences.

The app will sync with your iFit® enabled equipment, or you can manually enter the information for workouts you complete on other machines or while you’re training outside.

Those who want to get in shape and pay attention to their health will find that this fitness app offers a number of benefits that will help them accomplish their goals. Here are 6 benefits of using iFit® over other fitness programs.

1. Get your own personal trainer at no additional cost.

iFit personal trainers – NordicTrack

iFit personal trainers – NordicTrack

Personal trainers can be highly effective for those interested in improving their fitness levels. These professionals will motivate you to keep moving through your workout and help keep you from getting distracted, or otherwise, off track.

Through iFit®, you have access to an impressive library of exercise videos with famous and effective personal trainers. You will see videos from names such as Gideon Akande and Briohny Smyth!

The videos also provide customization for people with a number of different interests and levels of fitness. You will see training sessions for those who have limited time to complete an effective workout, yoga, kickboxing, and options for expectant mothers. Each of the series available offers a number of videos, so that you can get variety in your workout while also building a routine that makes fitness part of your life.

2. Experience unlimited professional fitness sessions.

When you work with a personal trainer, it often feels like as soon as you start making progress and start to get into a routine of working out, that you have to buy the next bundle of lessons to keep you on track. With iFit®, you don’t have to worry about repeat purchases. You receive access to an unlimited number of personal training sessions. Change up your workouts to different types of routines or different trainers whenever you desire. You can also elect to match multiple videos a day or just a few a week. Whatever fits your schedule and fitness needs will be open to you.

3. Access your own nutritionist.

iFit® will also help you track your meals. With a large database of all kinds of foods, you can easily enter the food you consume each day and create a comprehensive log. As you use the app, you will get a Fit Score that looks at both your exercise and your nutrition. The healthier choices you make in the kitchen and the type of exercise you perform, the more you will boost your score. Keep working to improve your number, and watch your body respond to your healthier choices and hard work.

4. Get your own sleep coach.

Exercise and food are not the only factors that influence your weight loss success. With iFit®, you can track your sleep. You will see how your body interacts with exercise and diet and how much it impacts your weight loss.

Researchers have found that people who are sleep deprived have higher levels of ghrelin, a hunger hormone, and lower levels of leptin, which signals that the body is full. People who don’t get enough sleep also tend to eat more to provide their body with increased energy to make it through the day. Research showed people who deprived themselves of adequate sleep for just 5 days, and they gained an average of nearly two pounds in that time.

iFit® takes all of these different factors into account to design a weight loss program that helps each person achieve a truly healthier lifestyle with fitness, nutrition, and quality sleep.

5. Workout while you see the world.

iFit incline feature – NordicTrack

Incline feature – NordicTrack

Imagine hiking the Himalayas or going for a run around the Eiffel Tower. Has running in the New York City Marathon always been a goal of yours? Now, with iFit®, you can reach these goals right in your own home. When you use an iFit® enabled machine, you can have the experience of running any route that Google has mapped. You will be able to watch a video that allows you to run or walk across any roadway included in the Google Street View. Lose yourself in the incredible cities and sites anywhere in the world.

While you watch these high-quality videos, your NordicTrack treadmill/elliptical/bike will automatically adjust the incline of the machine to match the roadway of the path you enjoy. Between these two features, it becomes easy to feel as though you can actually explore the world from the comfort of your own home.

6. Explore private workouts in your own home.

Many people do not want to exercise while feeling as though they are on display to everyone else in the gym. With iFit®, you will get the benefits of working with top fitness trainers, take advantage of intense workouts, and more, without having to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can workout on your schedule without wasting any time driving to a gym. Parents can exercise while children sleep, students can get in a workout between classes, and professionals can fit a workout in before or after work. iFit® was designed to make this easy for you.

Getting into shape and improving your health can be a powerful experience. Achieving this level of fitness and health, however, is a multi-step process. Many people do not realize the importance of taking a number of different factors into account such as exercise, nutrition, and sleep. And with iFit®, you receive all of these outlets without any extra fees. Plus, imagine all the time and effort you save from having all these coaches in one place. See how this powerful fitness program can jumpstart your efforts to improve your health now: