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iFit Nourish - Meal Replacement

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Meal Replacement Shake Personalized for You
A perfect blend of fruits, vegetables, protein, vitamins, and minerals that tastes amazing and is customized for you.
$82Per Package
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Customized For Your Needs

Designed by nutrition professionals passionate about making an effective, safe, and tasty meal replacement, we customize the macro and micronutrients for your needs. Check out some personalized mixes below.

Head shot of Anna Fruits and greens in Anna's mix
Goals:Weight loss
Energy Level:Could be better
Type of Workouts:Cardio
Dietary Preference:Vegan
Preferred Drink Style:Mixed with water
Weekly Meals Replaced:5-7
Flavor Preference:Chocolate
Customized Mix: Anna's personalized mix will boost energy levels, curb appetite, increase her protein intake, and replace electrolytes.
Her mix includes a protein blend of pea, rice, and hemp protein; grapes and grapeseed extract; kale; raspberries and raspberry seed concentrate; tart cherries; blueberries and blueberry extract; vitamin D3; folic acid; iron; and potassium.
Head shot of James Fruits and vegetables in James' mix
Energy Level:Amazing
Type of Workouts:Resistance Training
Dietary Preference:None
Preferred Drink Style:Smoothie with Mix-ins
Weekly Meals Replaced:10-14
Flavor Preference:Vanilla
Customized Mix: James' personalized mix will increase muscle mass while replacing electrolytes post workout.
His mix includes whey protein isolate; branched chain amino acids; wild blueberries and blueberry extract; tart cherries; wild bilberries and bilberry extract; spinach; broccoli; vitamin D3; iron; potassium; and calcium.
Bryce head shot Carrots and fruits included in Bryce's mix
Energy Level:High
Type of Workouts:Cardio
Dietary Preference:None
Preferred Drink Style:Mixed with milk
Weekly Meals Replaced:7-10
Flavor Preference:Chocolate
Customized Mix: Bryce's mix will provide key nutrition and vitamins for healthy development and athletic performance.
His mix includes a protein blend of pea, rice, and hemp protein; grapes and grapeseed extract; kale; raspberries and raspberry seed concentrate; tart cherries; blueberries and blueberry extract; carrots; broccoli; vitamin D3; folic acid; iron; and potassium.

What Makes iFit Nourish Stand Out?

High-Quality Proteins

While other protein drinks use cheap protein like milk or whey concentrates which are only 40-80% protein, iFit Nourish uses high-quality proteins like whey protein isolate and micellar casein based on your needs. As a vegan option, you can choose a plant blend of pea, brown rice, and hemp.

Vital Nutrients And Fiber

• iFit Nourish balances 25 vitamins and minerals and 14 fruits and vegetables.
• Uses well-tolerated soluble fiber to help with appetite control and overall health.

pie chart icon

Customized macro
and micronutrients

lighting bolt and a leaf icon

25 vitamins
and minerals

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Pure animal- or
plant-based protein

vegetables icon

Real fruits
and vegetables

Great Tasting in Chocolate or Vanilla

Elyse Miller head shot

Elyse Miller

"You guys!!! This is so awesome! iFit has created a protein powder that is completely customizable to fit your needs, goals, and tastes!! Mine is plant-based, vanilla, all-natural, and delicious. Take the protein powder quiz and see your perfect formula."

McKayla Childs head shot

McKayla Childs

"I love how good it tastes—literally, like brownie batter. This powder was made to fuel me and my adventures."

Joey Thurman head shot

Joey Thurman

"I have been waiting for a product like this for years! I have a custom blend that fits my fitness goals and lifestyle needs. I have a custom vegan chocolate (mmm…chocolate) blend for me! I have to admit—having my name on the package is pretty cool!"


How It Works

Following your purchase on, you will receive a separate email with steps on how to get your personalized meal replacement shake, completed on

Those steps include:

  • 1. Customize your mix on
  • 2. Review mix results and add to cart
  • 3. Enter Shipping and Billing Info
  • 4. Enter the unique code
    (so that you don't get billed again)
  • 5. Place your order

Start your nutrition journey here:

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