NordicTrack: Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Review

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Now you can get a more effective treadmill workout with this convenient accessory. Exercise in your target heart-rate zone by adding the hands-free AccuRate™ Wireless Heart Rate Monitor to your treadmill. Provides fast, accurate pulse readings and transmits the data directly to your treadmill's console. Convenient, accurate and easy to install, it is compatible with most of our treadmills. If you are unsure of your treadmill model or want to determine compatibility, call 1-800-727-9777.

  • New Improved Design
  • Comfortable, Hands-Free Chest Accessory
  • Fast, Accurate Pulse Readings
  • Continually Monitors Heart Rate
  • Easy to Install

Please see the linked Prop 65 Warning for this product.


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