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Equipped with a fully-integrated entertainment suite, the NordicTrack ViewPoint™ 3600 will forever change the way you see home fitness. Now you can keep up with the stock market or catch up on all your DVR'd programs with a vivid, 7" Flat-Panel TV. The 3600 also features a Compatible Music Port for iPod®, making it easy to plug in your MP3 player and rock your workout. And, with a built-in, Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 Equalized Sound System, you'll hear every note and nuance in rich, powerful sound. The ViewPoint™ 3600 also features iFit® Workout Card Technology, giving you fantastic, goal-specific results in just 8 weeks. Other features include a powerful 3.5 HP Commercial Pro Motor, the customization of DuraSoft Advanced™ Cushioning, 1-Touch™ Speed and Incline Control, a 350 Lb. Weight Capacity and a Lifetime Motor Warranty.




DurX™ 3.5 HP Commercial Pro Motor

Run safer, longer and quieter with the DurX™ Commercial Pro, expertly built with over 25 years of treadmill manufacturing know-how. Like airbags in a car, the Commercial Pro uses preventative engineering to keep you safer, including high-grade wiring and insulation ratings, a thermal cut-off switch and a stringent UL certification process. And, through the use of high-end, commercial bearings and brushes, this motor delivers the longest, most powerful drive possible. The Commercial Pro is also dynamically spin-balanced and extensively tested for superior performance in vibration and noise, making it the smoothest, quietest motor available today.

0% to 12% 1-Touch™ Incline

The best and most convenient incline adjustment, the patent pending 1-Touch™ incline allows you to change the incline with the single touch of a button instead of tediously scrolling through options as you would with traditional incline controls.

20" x 55" 2 Ply Commercial Treadbelt

Sure footing...there's nothing more important when working out on a treadmill. At NordicTrack, we pioneered the 3 S's of exceptional treadbelt design: Security, Stride & Sound. Like the texture on an outdoor running track, we've designed the surfaces of our treadbelts to keep you safer, while giving you the perfect amount of traction, whether you're walking, running or sprinting. And, with some of the most spacious decks in the industry, taller athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike rave about the running freedom our treadbelts provide. Through years of research and testing, we've also developed treadbelt fabrics that are durable, while significantly reducing sound and producing a lower coefficient of friction-translating into better, smoother and quieter performance for years to come.

1.9" Precision Machined Rollers

Along with motors and treadbelts, rollers are one of the "Big 3" of treadmill drive systems, and, at NordicTrack, are at the center of our quest for perfection. To create our rollers, we started with the highest-quality, aircraft-spec bearings, which are then sealed inside roller housings, crafted of high-tolerance, machined steel. Each roller is then dynamically balanced in two planes, giving it the smoothest, quietest and longest performance possible. Finally, each roller receives an application of E-coat, which effectively eliminates static buildup during operation and is RoHS compliant, making it safe for the environment.

0-12 MPH 1-Touch™ Speed

Instead of tediously scrolling through options, 1-Touch™ speed allows you to instantly change the speed of the treadmill between 0-12 MPH with the single touch of a button.

7" Flat-Panel TV with Digital Tuner

Enjoy your favorite movies, keep up with the stock market or catch up on your DVR'd programs, all while getting a fantastic workout, with this vivid 7" Flat-Panel TV. And, with a built-in digital tuner, this TV gives you access to both digital and analog signals broadcast by cable or through the air.

350 Lb. Weight Capacity

Now able to accommodate weights up to 350 lbs., this sturdy new deck is our strongest to date and can withstand the heaviest of use.

DuraSoft Advanced™ Adjustable Cushioning

DuraSoft Advanced™ Adjustable Cushioning reduces impact by up to 33%, as compared to road running, with this full-length, adjustable cushioning system. Now, with virtually limitless settings, it's easier than ever to select the perfect cushioning for you. Whether you want a firmer, street-running feel, a softer, beach-like feel or anywhere in between, only DuraSoft Advanced™ Adjustable Cushioning lets you choose your own cushioning level.





I bought last years model
By on Jan 29, 2009
I bout last years model the 3500 but this looks pretty close. It's a good machine and the motor doesn't make too much noise. It gets used everyday and the TV works well. I wish I had a big screen though. I'm 6.6 and I wish the TV was higher. My wife is 5.9 though and she loves where the TV is.
I'm happy with it
By on Jan 29, 2009
I don't have any complaints. Everything works as it should. The TV is fun to have.
Good purchase
By on Jan 29, 2009
for the money it has a lot of features. The TV helps me stay motivated. I'm not sure I would workout as long or as often if I couldn't watch the game while I work out. I wish it would have been fully assembled although it didn t take very long to put together.
By on Feb 11, 2009
This is just an unbelievable treadmill. It is a very solid,sturdy machine with a ton of features. The TV is great and really makes the time fly by when I am working out. This machine is a must for someone looking to get into shape or just loves to workout.



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